Tuesday, December 30, 2014

{ Painting Peg Board }

I really don't have a lot of time to do big projects but I did make some time this past weekend to paint the basement walls and paint + stencil some peg board to make this little craft room cute and organized. 

We have a few pieces of this peg board courtesy of my junk stuff hoarding husband so I thought it would be great to utilize it in the craft room. I can already picture all the little hooks holding up my sewing items to make things easy to grab and easy to clean up.

I painted it dark gray (the same color as the base of the floor) to begin with.

Then I took my stencil and some paint and made it pretty.

If you've stenciled anything before, you know it takes a little time. You have to let each section dry a bit before moving on to the next section. I stenciled the board in between painting the walls. I worked out perfectly and I really like the end result!

I brushed the paint on the board with a foam brush and only lightly brushed it on. I like that I can see the gray through the color and I like the imperfection of it all.

The room is really shaping up nicely. I'm still looking for a table like I showed on my mood board here so if you have one or see one, let me know.

One of my Christmas gifts was a rug and I am already loving it down here. 

We were given that beautiful dresser from Marks mom and I have yet to decide if I want to paint it or not. I struggle with painting things that already are beautiful in color but this one could go either way. 

The walls were previously sprayed with primer and I painted them white on top of the primer so it doesn't look like much but it really does look so much better in person. A lot more finished looking. 

Here's a in progress shot and you can see the difference where the paint has been rolled on. 

I also painted the wall at the bottom of the stairs

Now I have to get rid of that terrible yellow on the stairway wall and paint up those steps too. Still a lot to do down there but it's really so much better than what it was the day we looked through the house. Just picture a bug and monster spider show, dirty beyond dirty and mouse poop everywhere and you've got in your head what I experienced when walking down those steps! I never would have imagined that it could be as good as it is now because the before was scary! 

Keep checking in because one of these days I will have it all done, maybe like a year from now haha but it.will.get.done. Someday!

Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Fun pegboard! And I looooove the rug!!!

    1. Thanks Sadie, got the rug from HomeGoods!! :D

  2. Kasey you are an inspiration as we are in the beginning stage ;) Everything looks so beautifully done! Happy New YEar!