Monday, June 22, 2015

{ HOUSE CRASH | Jen's Relaxing Home! }

I stumbled across Jennifer's blog not too long ago and I fell in LOVE with how she decorates her home. It all feels very clean, airy, sophisticated, and yet lived in. I hate when you look at photos of peoples homes and think that there's no way people actually LIVE there. One thing I always look at are the couches, could you throw yourself down and have a good nap there, if yes then I will look further if not then I think the "house tour" is ridiculous and I quit looking. I don't want to look at a home that I cant imagine a family living there and enjoying it and all the pretty-ness ha!

It's been a while since I did a HOUSE CRASH so I thought since I've been catching up on all of Jennifer's pretty spaces, I would share with you too! These photos are actually of their old house - they are currently renovating a new to them house and I am really excited to see what she comes up with for the new house since I really like the old one so much plus her inspiration pages are great.

This entryway is perfect. I love the mirror and the table (did you notice the dipped legs?).

Their bedroom is very cozy feeling. I have plans to do an accent wall as they did behind their bed. I love everything about this room.

More of their gorgeous home tour can be found here.

The nursery has such a calming feel about it. I am in love with the colors she picked too.

I love getting inspiration from other people and what they do in their homes. Jennifer's home is beautiful and I am looking forward to reading more about their current home's renovations! Click the link above for more photos of her home.
Happy Monday to you!

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