Our Home

Welcome to our early 1900's new to us home! 

Clearly we didn't purchase it due to it's curb appeal ;), but we have plans for that. I promise if you stick around this blog of ours you will see those changes! The house sits on 20 acres plus there's a barn too and we LOVE those parts.

We bought this little house of ours in October 2013. We've done some major renovations, re-doing almost every.single.inch on the interior. It's been exciting and exhausting and we STILL have so much to do and look forward to bringing you each of those projects as we do them!

Are you ready for some pictures? Let me take you on a quick tour of where the house has been and where we are now. Thanks for stopping by TheRawHouseProject blog, we hope you'll stay awhile!
(ALL before photos were taken on our walk through prior to purchasing. It was scarier in person, believe me!) 

// Kitchen //

|During Construction|


You can see the whole Kitchen as it is today post here!

// Living Room //

|During Construction|

Refinished wood floors- see post here!

You can see the latest post about our living room here.

// Bathroom //

see the last post regarding the bathroom here.

// Master Bedroom //

You can see the last post about the Master bedroom here!

// Nusery //

// Upstairs //

The upstairs was a huge undertaking. Every.single.thing is new up there now!

// Basement //

This basement WAS scary. Like bug graveyard and home to SO SO many mice families. These before pictures were AFTER we already did some cleaning down there. 

That floor is FAUX wood grain tile. You can see how I DIY'd that in one day here. The basement is really looking SO MUCH better and feels like we can actually go down there with out contracting some sort of disease so I would say there's been definite improvement! Still lots to do but we are slowly hacking away at it one project at a time! 

// Outside //

There is still SO MUCH to do...like a lot! We continue to try to tackle projects each week as we have time and energy to do so ha! 
Stay tuned for updates weekly.

Thanks for checking out our home! Hope you'll check back to see the updates. We've only just begun, there's decorating, finishing, and lots lots more to do and we are excited to see where we can go with this little house of ours!