Tuesday, November 18, 2014

{ Brrr it's Cold! Master Bedroom Update }

We've replaced many of the old windows in this house since we bought it back in Sep 2013. Some of them had to go due to being rotted right out, the upstairs windows were really terrible and were replaced right away. The slider and window in the kitchen and the bathroom window were all replaced as well. The bedroom windows on the main floor are old and really need to be replaced but they were in good enough condition that we decided to hold off a couple years on replacing those ones. They aren't pretty to look at but they get the job done...kind of. When it started getting colder out, I started noticing the major draft coming from the windows in our bedroom. We were cold at night and not because our furnace isn't working, it's mostly due to those darn old windows.
So to band aid the situation for this winter, we purchased some of those plastic window insulating kits. I've seen these used on older homes but I have never had any experience using them before.
Mark put ours on the inside of our windows right over those cheap blinds that were there when we purchased the house. We will replace those someday but it is not a priority at this point. I cannot tell whatsoever that there is a plastic layer in front of those mini blinds. I was afraid it would look terrible but not at all and the draft from the windows is practically gone!
If you haven't used these before, they are really simple to do. You lay the sticky part down along the sides, top and bottom. Use a blow dryer to seal it and voila! your good to go.

You can see a small portion of the plastic on at the bottom of the window but other than that no one would know there was plastic over these windows when looking into our bedroom. We don't open the blinds in here ever because the windows are so gross so that's why we did it over top of them, if you were wondering.
Next solution to help curb even more of the cold was to put up some curtains. I've been wanting to add curtains and this seemed like a great excuse to go out and get some now.
Here's the two corner windows after the plastic has been put up and prior to the curtains. See, you cant even tell the plastic is there!

I bought two cheap rods from Meijers, honestly I have no idea why anyone would spend a bunch of money on expensive rods, you can get some pretty cute ones for really cheap and if you don't like the color you can paint them. I've done that. It works and no one that I know walks into a room and checks out window rods and judges. And if someone did, I don't care to be friends with them ha! So cheap ones it is!
Because our windows are right in the corner, we decided to keep the decorative ends off in the center where they meet so the rods could be placed right up next to each other. It worked perfectly. You don't even notice that the decorative ends are missing. You do however, notice all the holes that need to be filled in the trim work, don't you. Ya me too.
Here's a close up of the corners coming together.

The decorative ends stayed on the other sides though, the curtains went up and it looks so great!
It was a good excuse to clean up my room a little, do some dusting and wipe down the dresser too so I figured I would show you how we've got the room set up. It's pretty small, a lot smaller that our first house's Master bedroom. It's not super fancy either, very simple, just how we like it. We have a king size bed so that makes things pretty cramped in here too, but we wont give up our king size, so this will have to work. 
 This dresser was given to us for free and I painted it. Looks pretty good for a cheap old dresser! I wish I had a before picture but it was painted prior to my blogging days.

We've never had a headboard for our king size bed. Hopefully this winter that will get checked off our list of to-do's. I've got a great idea for Mark to build one, shhh don't tell him, I haven't told him yet. He must really love me huh?! We also don't have king size pillows to fit out king size shams so they look a little droopy, that's just how they will stay too, I'm not picky. Most of the time our bed isn't made either but I had to make it look nice for you guys!

I hung up a few photos of our kids to the right of the window and I love having them there! I don't like to have every single wall filled with something so these simple three photos are exactly what I was thinking for this room. The middle photo is the Styrene mount option from unit prints. I use unit prints for almost all of my photo printing needs.
I centered them between the window and the open closet door. We keep that closet door open 100% of the time so it seemed weird to close the door just to center the pics, this works for me.
At the foot of the bed there's just enough room for walking and not much more. I put a small table there with our trash underneath. Eventually I would like to get a skinny long dresser to put there or maybe just a skinny bench but that seems like it would just be a spot to throw stuff so I don't know about that quite yet.

And that's it. Like I said, a very small room, but I think we've made the most of it and it works pretty well for us. I love the addition of the curtains. Having them hung up at the ceiling makes the room seem a lot taller which makes the room feel bigger too. Our master bedroom went from blah to really cozy with the addition of the curtains and the photos on the wall not to mention the sprucing up too. A made bed sure does make the room seem a lot nicer! I love simple updates that change the whole feel of a room!  Plus the added curtains when closed really help the cold from seeping in too.
There are more projects that I want to do in here. Nothing that will happen right away, and none of these projects by any means are important. They definitely hit the to-do WAY later list.
But...eventually I would like to have crown molding on the ceiling.
 I am still looking for a rug for in here. Not sure if I want to get a couple runners or get something large that will go under the bed as well. I hate stepping out of bed onto the hardwood floors but rugs are expensive and I want to make sure I get something I really like.
I would love to do something on the walls, I know exactly what I want to do but for now I'm going to keep that a secret because I am really excited to try this idea in my head out on these walls and show all of you. 
Like I said earlier, we will be building a headboard sometime this winter or early spring. 
The closet also needs some attention with more shelves to better organize and get the best use out of the small space that we have.  
I'm sure there are more changes/updates to do but I'll leave you with that for now! Hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday, and if you're local, enjoy the first snow day! My kids sure are!
 It's always so pretty but honestly I am totally NOT ready for snow yet! How about you guys?!

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  1. I love the window treatments hung high, looks great!! I think I need you to come to my house and decorate!!!
    I'm with you about this weather, but each year I dislike winter more!! Guess thats why we head south when we can..