Tuesday, November 25, 2014

{ Stenciled Curtains }

Over the summer I decided I wanted to try stenciling curtains. You've seen this all over on pinterest and blogs and it always looks really cool, so I wanted to see what I could come up with. I had an idea to do something with triangles. 

I really like vintage revivals triangle stamped wall so I wanted to try to copy that only onto curtains. 

I started out with a pair of Target's plain white curtains. 

I had Mark cut me a triangle out of some scrap wood. 

I taped on some fabric, fancy huh?!

I poured out the acrylic paint that I wanted to use and then dipped the fabric covered triangle into the paint and then pushed it down onto the curtain where I wanted it. 

I used part of a drinking straw to measure my spacing for each triangle. Really getting technical over here huh! 

I had laid the curtain out on the kitchen table to do the stamping. 

It was really easy. A little time consuming but not difficult to do. 

After I was done, I threw the curtain over the clothes line outside to dry. 

After it was dry, I hung them back up on the rod in the living room. 

I wasn't planning on having them in the living room, my plan was to do the stamping so that I could hang them in the kids room upstairs. 

I left them hanging in the living room for a couple months because I move slow like that and finally last month moved them up to the kid's room. 

I love them up there. They are perfect for the kid's room. The stamped triangles add a touch of whimsy and originality to an otherwise plain white curtain. I have yet to add anything to the wall behind the beds so it seems like these are the artwork that the room needed, for now. Obviously I am not a photographer so please disregard the terrible blurry photos. It's hard to get a good picture of windows in a dark room when it's bright outside. 

On the scale of easy-ness I would rate it at an 8.

Totally do-able for anyone. I rounded up a few of the "blogland" stamped things for you to see how original and awesome stamping  or stenciling can be. 


Completed curtains


Hoping to show you our completed shoe organization by next week so stay tuned. Thanks for reading and have a happy Tuesday!

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