Wednesday, December 3, 2014

{ Coffee Station }

So if you cant tell by now, I like to jump around from project to project with out always giving you a final "this is done" post on things I've shown you. Like the basement and the shoe storage in my entry way. I will get around to showing you those some day. Maybe when they actually get done, how does that sound? We still need another coat of paint on the ceiling downstairs and the shoe storage has a few final things that need to get finished up and then I'll show you. I promise. 

Until then, I have been wanting to do a little coffee station in our new home for awhile now and finally got it done this week. Just in time for the holidays!

I don't drink coffee very often. Mostly only a cup a day and only on the days I go to work. I know-what's wrong with me-you are asking right? Even worse when I do drink coffee, what I should be saying is, I drink coffee with my creamer. I'm really trying to be more of a grown-up and use less creamer but I'm not there yet. So even though I don't drink coffee on a daily basis I like to have friends over for coffee. And it's cute so it needed to be done. That should be excuse enough. Plus it was an easy update to do so it moved to the top of my to-do list for the week.

My inspiration was when my good friend mentioned that she was wanting to do a coffee station at her new home. She saw this on pinterest below and wanted a sign like that for her home.


I told her I could make one of those "But First, Coffee." signs for her.

I sent it to her, she printed it off, put it in an adorable frame and here it is in her own home!
 Cute right?!

I liked the idea of having a little sign but I wanted something a little smaller. The one that my friend had printed is an 8x10. I printed a little different one out for myself that's a 4x6.

 I had this little wooden plaque that I had painted when I went to a chalkboard paint painting class. I thought that would be cute with the little sign on it, so I used a glue stick and stuck it right on top of the plaque.

I put up a little shelf to hold a couple of coffee cups ready to grab. The white jar was perfect for holding those creamer cups that I absolutely cant live with out. 

The little tray that the jars are sitting on is actually a plaque that I think looks really great as a tray.

I've been meaning to do something in this corner for awhile now. Truth be told, this little corner of the counter was home to my bread maker for the last couple of months. I don't really have a great place to store it other than down in the basement and I'm too lazy to bring it up and down the stairs every time I want to use it, which is a lot lately. But it finally had to be put away so I could do the coffee station and I'm really glad I did.

I started pulling out a few of my Christmas decorations and I think the red wire tree looks pretty cute sitting next to the coffee station. I love Christmas decorations and have realized that I don't really have a lot of them. I'm going to have to change that over the next couple weeks and maybe hit up some of those after Christmas 90% off sales at Hobby Lobby. Side note: I swear I could spend hours in hobby lobby. They have everything!

So that's it for my little coffee corner, but here are a couple more really cute ideas for making a simple coffee station on your counter.

Get Inspiring Stylish Home Coffee Station Ideas Pictures9

coffee station

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If you are thinking that you like either of the coffee signs above, I've included them below plus an additional one for you to print off and enjoy in your own home!


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