Tuesday, December 9, 2014

{ Basement Family Room + Mood Board }

The basement family room/craft room has FINALLY been sprayed! 

We shelled out the $ to rent one of those big sprayers and Mark got the job done last week! It was WELL worth the price to rent the sprayer. The first round that Mark started a month ago, he used one of those manual sprayers and it worked but it was very time consuming and difficult to spray up at the ceiling. So he only did one coat on the ceiling and then it sat until last week. 

He rented the sprayer and did the ceiling again and the walls. 

Next up we have to put a coat of paint on the walls. The spray was just a primer. After the paint is up then we need to paint the floors with cement paint. We aren't going to put any flooring down in here since the basement is prone to getting a little water in it. I figured we would paint the cement and get some cute area rugs. That way if there is a threat of water we can just roll up the rugs and mop up the floor. 

The photo below is a PERFECT example of how I want this room to look!

Basement Ceiling Ideas for Remodeling Your Home : Art With Black And Beige Rug Also Craft Table Plus Basement Ceiling Ideas And Industrial Pendant Light Plus White Work Table And White Chairs Also Wood Floor For Contemporary Kids Design

Here is my MOOD BOARD! I love putting these together because it gives me a concrete goal of the things that I want to find/get.

1./ 2.3.4./ 5. / 6.

I LOVE a table with turned legs and would love to have something like that down in the basement. This room is going to be my crafting area so I will have to have a big table to do all the things that I love to do down there. 

Above the table I want to do the hanging ladder with lights. That would probably be my favorite part of the room!

I really like the black and white rug from the inspiration photo, and IKEA has that triangle one for only $99. I need to probably get two. 

Isn't it fun to think about what you want to do with a space. The hard part is finding all the pieces to put it all together especially on a budget! I know a lot of what we will do down there will be DIY and we will probably pick up a lot of the furniture from craigslist or garage sales so if you have any of the items above that I could use that you're wanting to get rid let us know! 

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  1. Love this! I think it looks amazing and I know you will do amazing things in that space!