Friday, December 12, 2014

{ Farmhouse 38 | HOUSE CRASH }

I am a blog reading junkie. They should really have a group for people like me, addicts to looking at other peoples homes and stuff for inspiration that I'll probably never do myself so its mostly just a big time suck but I LOVE IT! I cant look away. Wont look away.

There are a few blogs that I read almost everyday due to the amazing content these peeps throw out. I mean, seriously, I don't know how they do it. #Jealous. 

Farmhouse38 is one of those ones that I go to often. Not only is the home renovation that they've done a.m.a.z.i.n.g but her creativity is off the charts and her photos tell all. The front of her home is adorable especially when you click down one more photo and see what it looked like when they bought it.

So cute right?!
 Not only did the outside get an amazing transformation but the inside is pretty great too. Check out their awesome kitchen below.

You'll have to go to her page to see what the before pics look like, it was a major renovation and the after photos are awesome!

 I love the cabinets that they have, and who doesn't love a farmhouse sink and check out that DIY back splash they did below. That is giving me some ideas...

DIY Herringbone Beadboard Backsplash from Farmhouse38

LOVE those bookshelves along the stairwell! Such a great use of space. And the painted stairs are pretty cool. Might have to do something like that for my basement steps.

After of Master Bedroom Makeover from Farmhouse38

I love her style of decorating. Very farmhouse but yet modern with a very cozy feeling.

I love her color choices inside and outside too. Take a look at their chicken coop below. Those are some pretty lucky chicks they've got! I want this in my own backyard, like yesterday. Now to talk Mark into it. Getting bunnies and kittens about did him in, so I'm hoping he'll be cool with chickens... Put in a good word for me will ya?

Chicken Garden and Coop from Farmhouse38

You can read all about her farmhouse coop adventures here! Her yard is pretty spectacular. So much cooler than I can dream of mine ever being like. I just don't have that creativity in me to think of creating spaces like she does. What an amazing talent for sure!

Do you guys get inspired when looking at other peoples homes? I clearly do, hence bringing you the "House Crash" series. I get all proud and excited when I see a home that screams awesomeness. There are millions of houses out there but it really takes a knack and talent to throw things together with our individual tastes and styles to make a house a cozy home. The things that go in our homes don't need to be pricey and top of the line, it can be vintage, garage sale finds or hand-me-downs and still be awesome and that's when I get all proud of someone when they can really pull it off using their talents, creativity, and imaginations!  While I am still trying to figure out exactly what my "style" really is, I will continue to be addicted to home design blogs, seeking daily inspiration for my own home!

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