Saturday, January 3, 2015

{ Our Year In Review }


It's almost 2015! How did this happen so fast?? I wanted to go back through and compile my favorite changes and updates from 2014 to our house. We have worked SO hard. Mark has put in countless hours. We've had friends and family help us. We got to move in and are now getting to live in our little home and loving each and every day of it. Sometimes I forget HOW MUCH work went into our fixer-upper this past year. I am happy to say goodbye to 2014 and look forward to what the next year has in store for us. I look forward to seeing more changes and updates to the house. I look forward to getting organized and really get this place in tip top shape. We want to THANK YOU, for sticking with us during this year of renovations and we look forward to sharing all of our projects with you next year too! 

My #1 Favorite room in our house is hands down the kitchen. I dreamt and sketched and thought about how I wanted the kitchen to look like for countless hours and now that we have it mostly completed I literally walk in there everyday counting my blessings and loving the space. It's calming, and pretty, simple + modern yet comfortable. You can read about the kitchen remodel here, the counter tops here, and my most recent "kitchen today" post here.

One of the BEST THINGS we ever did was decide to hire someone to refinish our hardwood flooring throughout the main level. The company that we choose to go with is Woodsman Flooring. You will NOT regret hiring Michael to re-finish your floors if you are local. He is good at what he does. We absolutely LOVE our floors! Check out our pictures of before and after here!

The bathroom was a complete remodel and I love everything about this room. It's our only bathroom and it was really really really (you get the point, right?!) really small. We moved a wall and removed some built in cabinets to open up the room a little. I love the corner tub with subway tile up to the ceiling. I love the vanity, the tile, the mirror and the color on the ceiling. You can see posts about the bathroom remodel here, here, and here.

When we purchased the house, we were planning on saving a lot of money and not doing a ton to the upstairs room. It was full of paneling and old flooring but I figured we could paint the paneling and replace the flooring and call it good. Can you sense a big BUT...coming on? Yup, you called it. BUT...once the previous owners stuff was finally removed we could see just how bad it really was. We decided that since our kids would be spending so much time up there that we would take money that was planned for the exterior and put it into the upstairs. I am happy that we made that choice, it needed to be done. The windows were terrible, the floor was uneven, the insulation was bad and full of mouse poop, the electrical outlets and wires were scary to say the least, and the ceiling was low. NOT a good environment for kids at all. EVERYTHING was gutted, reconstructed, and made new. It is absolutely a beautiful space now for our kids to play and sleep.
You can read about our upstairs adventures here and here!

Last but not least of my favorite changes of 2014 has been the basement transformation. I've been focusing a lot of my time lately down there and still cant believe how much better it is now than when we bought the house! We have our washer and dryer down there, the walls have fresh paint on them and the DIY floor looks pretty cool! We will be moving furniture in over the next few weeks and really making the basement a usable space that I look forward to for sure!
You can read about how I painted the floor here and to see some pretty gross before pictures of the laundry area check out this post!
I want to say again, THANK YOU, for reading my blog. I'm not sure if curiosity brings you back or if you are inspired by some of my projects but whatever it is, I love that you take a little time out of your day to checkout what we are doing over here. As always if you ever have any questions about anything we've done please feel free to email us anytime! We love feedback so after reading a post- comment away!
We wish you a very healthy, successful, and happy 2015! May you be blessed in your homes and in your lives and we look forward to continuing to share ours with you!


  1. I am so in love with your house and have never even stepped foot inside of it. When you do get your house all done and feel everything is how you like it, please feel free to come help me with mine-it needs a lot of work too. Keep up the posting, I love reading your blog and seeing pics of what you have done and taking some ideas for my own home. =)

    1. Also, I love your style! The rugs, curtains, stencil pattern for the peg board, DIY floor in the basement. All amazing!