Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{ It's SHOW-ER time! }

Sorry I was MIA last week. Internet issues and computer problems made it hard to get a post up. But I am back with an exciting bathroom update to share with you!
Mark worked really hard on the bathroom the last two weeks.
First the toilet was installed

When mark was hooking it up, you can see on the wall there where the water comes in got a little damaged which will eventually get fixed. I figured once the trim is up there will be a few more spots that need paint touch up so I'll do that all then.

Then the tile started going up

He got the border done and a few starter pieces in various places one night after work to start it off.

That same night we hauled the ridiculously heavy vanity in. We left the  shrink wrap on the marble top when we purchased it back in December (I think) to keep it safe until we were ready to place it in the bathroom. I think you can tell where this is going now, right? So I was all geared up to hear singing angels in the background when it was removed because I was seeing it for the first time in all its beauty and guess what...HUGE stinkin crack down the whole right side of the marble. SIGH. Mark quickly got on the phone and the supplier ordered us another one and told us we had to wait 1-2 weeks until the replacement came in. The photo below shows the crack. It was hard to get a good picture of it because it was actually under the surface.

We had 2 minutes of pure frustration but then we pulled up our big kid pants and went back to work on other things. 
When Mark had time after work a couple days later he put up a few more tiles on the shower. I tried it out too. See those three rows on the bottom right, yup those were mine. I'm skilled people! (I kid, I kid!)

Last Saturday we grouted. It was a group effort. Three of us in the tub at once. (Not like that, you sick-o's!) Kyle and Mark did most of the work but I did the top right corner. I hadn't ever grouted anything before so it was interesting and very messy. I'm learning all sorts of new things!

 Sorry for the blurry photos but I took some quick shots with my phone. You can see it's almost done except for one little section on the bottom that we needed to mix up a little more mud for. 

See that mess. Looks so good though!

I love the two shelves in there too. Thank you Pinterest for that idea!

Mark got the shower head installed

He had to get one more valve to finish the faucet but here is a shot of it almost completed. You can finally see the white tub for the first time too! Isnt it SO pretty!!

Here she is in all her (almost) finished glory!

I say almost, because we still have to caulk around the top and sides of the tub. 

 Back to the vanity, we only had to wait a week for the finished vanity to come in. We took the shrink wrap off prior to moving it this time and...no cracks, whoo hoo!! My dad was at the house so he helped Mark carry the new one in the bathroom (thank God because no joke that sucker was heavy!).

 Mark installed the back splash and then the faucet, which he picked out and I love!

We are really happy with this vanity! 

So much better than the original one that came with the house (that my left foot couldn't even fit into on a skinny day). 

Did you notice in one of the photos above that the ceiling is painted? 

I originally started off only painting the wall that the vanity was going on

But...I knew I didn't like it right away. I couldn't figure out though if it was the color I didn't like or the placement of the color but then I saw this and I knew right away that was what I wanted to do. I used the same paint, just switched it up to on the ceiling and the upper 8 inches of the wall all the way around the room. I love it. It makes the small room seem bigger too.

I still need to add a small piece of trim along the paint line on the wall as seen in the inspiration link above.

So it's looking pretty good huh?! Finally. It's been a long road getting here. If you missed the other bathroom posts you can check them out here and here

We still have a few things to do and I still am on the hunt for the perfect mirror and vanity light but it's really shaping up and looking great in there! 

 Next up on the to do list is, I'm finishing up painting the kids beds upstairs and Mark will be moving his work base into the kitchen and hopefully getting the counter tops installed very soon. Exciting stuff happening around here I tell ya! 


  1. when do you think you are moving in? Last February..lol! Looking great! I'm stopping in soon to see it myself!

    1. Hopefully next month Joanne! Completely crossing my fingers when I say that though! Stop by any time :)