Tuesday, April 15, 2014

{ Focal Wall }

Back when I was painting up in the kids' shared room, I decided to do a fun focal wall. I debated forever on what pattern or color that I would do and finally decided to do a herringbone type pattern with two different colors that I purchased at Sherwin Williams. I started taping the pattern on the wall and because I have zero patience when it comes to waiting to see what things will look like, I started painting before I got all the tape lines up. Then once that dried a little, I peeled back the tape on the painted parts so I could get a good look at what I was doing.

I stepped back and right away I knew I couldn't keep going with this pattern on that wall. It doesnt look too crazy in the photo above but imagine the whole wall done in those colors and in that pattern. I'm pretty sure it would have been the most overwhelming, headache inducing focal wall ever. So I primed and painted over it with a really nice muted shade of blue-gray (which I love).

But it was a fun wall and I had the paint so I thought that I could still do that pattern, just somewhere else, not so focal. There is a tiny area on one side of the stairs that we will have kids toys/books so I figured it would be perfect there. So I taped up the pattern on that wall and again couldn't wait so I started painting

I wasnt careful about measuring out the pattern, I literally eye-balled the lines as I was taping them. I like how random it is and I really love that it's on this wall where no one really will see it until they look for it. It adds some color and fun to the kids play area without giving me a headache every time I walk up to their room.

So here it is all finished

You can see on the back wall we now have curtains hung (which I hemmed myself) and a light fixture installed (Thanks Papa Rawson!) so, it's really looking more and more like a finished room. The trim, the closet doors, and closet shelves are the only things left to do up here. I painted the beds too which you get a small view of in one of the photos above and I will share all that with you next time. 

Just in case you are a little confused where we are in the room this photo gives you a little better view

Now can you tell it's the stairway wall that you were looking at. On the right is the door for the closet and behind me is the big open room. So you can see it's a pretty small little spot but it's just perfect for a play area for the kids. 

What do you think? Was a good choice to hault the focal wall on that main wall and move it? I'm really happy with my decision to move it over to this little wall and the kids love it! 


  1. I think it's a good choice here and I also like that you eyeballed it, this pattern isn't meant to have perfection in the spacing.