Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{ Cabinets Are Back }

The cabinets have all been put into their new places in the kitchen. These guys have been  all over the house and beyond. 

Initially the doors were taken off and put in the barn for sanding and priming. (Yes, that's grass in that photo below. I hardly remember what the stuff looks like since we are having the never ending winter here in Michigan this year)

While the doors were drying, I went back inside and applied one coat of primer to the cabinets. 

Then they were completely removed . We relocated them all over the house depending on what room we were working on at the time. They've camped out in the living room, the nursery, our master bedroom, and now they are finally back where they belong - in the kitchen!

If you follow me on Instagram @kaseyrawson you already saw this photo. The base cabinets were put in first. 

The arrow is pointing to where the dishwasher will be. The flooring didn't go all the way over because we knew we would have that wall lined with cabinets but we have extra flooring that will go down in the gaps where the stove and dishwasher will be, it just isn't in yet. 

Mark just put the uppers back in last Saturday.

There's a very small gap between the upper on the left and the wall. I'm still debating if I want to do a few small open shelves for cook books and such or if I want to have a filler piece of wood placed in there to close it off. I'm leaning more on the filler piece than the shelves but who knows, these days I change my mind a million times before making a decision.

It's exciting to see the kitchen going back together. In the scheme of things, this is a small accomplishment but each small step leads to a finished product and for this I am happy. 

I still have to prime a few spots. Since I primed while they were still on the wall a couple of the sides didn't get done yet. I bought the paint for the cabinets on the wall. So I am hoping to fit that in very soon. As for the island, I'm going to paint it grey. Have you guys heard of Cabinet Transformations? My friend had purchased a kit and ended up not using it, so she gave it to me. I am looking forward to trying out this kit. There's a lot in the box even an instructional DVD, so I'll be watching that soon to learn all about how to use it. I'll be sure to post my thoughts. Have any of you guys used Cabinet Transformations? 

For the sake of before and after comparisons the kitchen is looking a million times better than what we started with!

Lots to do in here but it's getting closer and closer! Next up after painting will be the counter top installation, after that new sink and faucet, and after that we can move our appliances back in! Sounds so easy right?!


  1. Lookin super good. I've a thought for that gap between the cupboard and the wall. Why not make that a cute space to hold spices.

  2. Spice rack would be a good fit... Could mark make one that pull out from the wall so you could get a lot in that space and then when it's pulled out see everything you've got? I think they make tracks like that at menards.