Thursday, November 14, 2013

{ Kitchen Progress }

Remember when I said I was hoping to finish priming and maybe even paint the kitchen cabinets? Well...the painting didn't happen and the priming was done for a minute but then I removed the cabinets from their places and was reminded the sides of them still need to be primed. But hey, I felt really accomplished for a minute! 

So here's some quick snaps of the primed cabinets

Then one night when I decided I should remove the cabinets so we could move them to where we wanted them to get a better feel for what we are working with. 

I really didn't even know where to start. I thought I could just start unscrewing and things would come apart. I forgot the counter top was holding it all together duh! So Mark gave a quick lesson on removing counter tops and I went to town. I had to remove the laminate surrounding the outside edge so that half inch or so wooden boarder could be pried off. 

From there it was just a whole lot of yanking and finally it was gone.

Next up was separating each section from each other and the floor. Again, a lot a prying to get that to happen. Mark helped remove the plumbing when it came time to do the one that the sink was in. 

It was there one minute and gone the next. We were left with some pretty nasty gunk underneath the cabinets too. Yay more grossness to clean up (sarcasm here). 

I was really trying hard to carefully pry those apart since we are planning on re-using them but I had a few oops spots. The good thing is that nothing that got damaged will be noticeable once we are done. 

Bottom ones are gone

Working on removing the uppers

Here is how it looks now. 

I moved them a million times to figure out exactly where they would work the best. We weren't sure if we would have room for an island but we decided we are going to make room. We took a trip to IKEA and purchased this table. It's a long, skinny table so hopefully between the island and the windows it wont be too tight. If we didn't do the island we would have only 5 lower cabinets, two of which are under the sink. Not cool. So thats why we are going with it. Crossing fingers that it all works out once its installed and everything is moved in. It will be cozy but thats ok! 

Here's a quick side by side for the progress up to this point. What do you think?!

So thats as far as we've gotten on the kitchen. The drywall upstairs is in progress still so when thats done we will start on the main floor and then the kitchen and bath will have a lot quicker changes happening then!

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