Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{ Priming }

The cabinets that are in the kitchen are not in that bad of shape. But the color doesn't do anything for me. I really want a white kitchen.

So I'm going to attempt at painting them to see if we can use them. I am really hoping that painting and adding some pulls will help these suckers out in the aesthetics department.

First we cleaned up the kitchen. That old stove came out and we pulled the old fridge out to clean under it. It was nasty. I feel like I keep saying that in all my posts. Truth is, this place was nasty, and you'll probably hear me say that a handful more times before I feel like we have cleaned it up enough to not say that anymore!

I pulled all the doors off the cupboards. Eventually we will be re-arranging where all the cabinets are going once we get to the kitchen reno but for now I'm wanting to get the cabinet doors and drawers painted while we have slightly warmer temps left so that I can do it all out in the barn and keep from making even more of a mess in the house.

Here is a picture of all the doors off. This was before Mark moved the oven out of the house.

When I took the doors off, I labeled each door with tape and labeled the inside of the cabinet with the same number/letter so that I could remember which door went where. Hopefully this helps putting them back together easier later on.

I placed them all out on the old ping pong table in the barn. The bottom right cupboard has already been sanded in that picture. We used a rough sanding block first and went over all the sides. Then we used a finishing sanding block. Cleaned them up and now are ready for priming. I'm using Zinsser oil based primer as recommended by Centsational Girl in her post here. If you haven't ever read her blog, I highly recommended. I'm obsessed.

I am in the middle of priming right now, and really hoping to have a post up by next week that all the cabinets have been primed and maybe even painted. It all depends on the weather. Crossing my fingers for high enough temperatures that I can paint. Cross your fingers for me too because I am looking at the forecast and the odds are not in my favor.

It seems like there is so much we want to get done before it gets cold out so we are really hoping that we wont see freezing temperatures yet. Power washing the house, removing trees, possibly painting the exterior of the house, and a little more yard work are on our list of things to do before snow flies and those are just the outside projects. What are your goals before winter??

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  1. I'm pretty sure you could make those cupboards look great! A coat of paint and new pulls=Amazing!!! Can't wait to see that finished room!!!