Thursday, March 13, 2014

{ NEW Kitchen Floor }

The kitchen is starting to feel like a kitchen again. Last week we had the flooring put in. We decided to go with vinyl flooring. A lot of you suggested via facebook after this post  to go with tile and after looking at a lot of options we knew we weren't really big fans of tile in a large area. 
The reasons behind that are 
1) It's really cold (unless you install heated flooring) 
2) It's hard on feet. 
Tile is beautiful it just wasn't something we wanted in our kitchen. We looked into lumber liquidators to try to match our wood floor to continue that into the kitchen but they said that the size that we have isn't something that is carried and would have to be special ordered and with that would be hefty $$ and since this isn't our forever home we decided to not pour money into wood flooring either. We found a really nice vinyl floor that we like and decided that was what would work best for us in this house. 
Check it out!

The colors are really pretty. It's a good mix of dark and light gray with a little brown thrown in there too. It looks really nice next to the wall color that we picked and it will look great with the white cabinets. 

It's been a long journey to this point so if you haven't been following along or if you want a reminder of where this room started out and how it's changed you can see that below.

Very outdated flooring and as you can see below it was in pretty rough shape too.

Good bye old flooring

Sub floor

Then Mark put another layer down

The last layer went down right before the vinyl was installed

The photo below was taken during installation

Now we have a new beautiful floor 

The cabinets are ready to be put into their new homes. Like I said before I am painting the old cabinets. I should be able to start on those this weekend and I want to say that I would like to be done with them by next week but everything always takes so much longer than what I want it to so we will see about that. Hopefully I will be updating you with pictures of those soon! 

So, for those of you that chimed in before about the flooring, what do you think? Good choice? I'm extremely happy with the pattern and color so I am thinking YES! 


  1. I really like the look, and like the wall color too!!

  2. Sharon VandenbergMarch 13, 2014 at 7:36 PM

    Just likethe flooring we put in our new house but we have the earth tones. been almost two years and i still love it!