Wednesday, March 19, 2014

{ Struggling With Choices }

        I've always struggled with making choices when it comes to home decor. I think I can narrow the problem down to two reasons. First, I'm still trying to figure out what my style really is. I mentioned before, I feel like my "style" has changed in respect to things in my home. It's frustrating because I see all these super cute room designs on pinterest or Houzz and I think I like it and can do that in my own house but when it comes to actually buying something in the store I freeze up and cant pull the trigger. 9 times out of 10 I return the item back on the shelf and walk out of the store empty handed. 

Which leads me to my second problem, I'm a tight wad. I grab something in the store that I know I want and then as I walk to the check out I convince myself that I don't need to spend the money on the item, that the money can be used elsewhere, or maybe I could get a better deal at a different store on something I might like better. I guess it's not so bad to be a tight wad. I really like that I am a saver but when it comes to decorating my home, sometimes I wish I could just go carelessly into the store and buy with out thinking. Sometimes I do, hence the items that I currently own. But typically it takes me a couple trips to the store to look at the item, then look at it again, maybe bring it up on the internet and look at it on there and then finally go in make the purchase. 

Currently I am struggling with living room decisions. I cant figure out a paint color to save my life. I cant settle on a rug. I cant make up my mind on curtains or blinds or both. I cant decided if I should paint my existing furniture or try to look for something new. I bought pillows but I am second guessing my color choices due to the fact that I still haven't picked out a paint color. I know third world problems right?!

I want you guys to weigh in on rugs to be specific. Looking back at an old photo of our living room before the floors were re-finished and the walls were fixed, lets try to visualize. 

The photo below is a shot from our old house to show you what the color of my couch is. We would like to purchase a new couch eventually but for now, while the kids are little we are going to stick with this very basic, beige, Art Van clearance center couch. I admit, it's a very comfortable couch so we are ok with keeping it...for now. 

So back to problem. There are SO MANY options when it comes to rugs. I know for sure that the wall color isn't going to be a very dark color so I am thinking maybe I should bring color in with the rug that I choose. So then if I choose a colored rug should it be a solid color only or something with a pattern or design. The only thing that I struggle with when it comes to design is, rugs are expensive and I don't want to buy something and then not like it 6 months later and have the urge to buy something different and end up spending way more. Truth be told, rugs aren't cheap.

Here's one that I've really liked for awhile now. It doesn't have color but it does have a simple design to it.

Here's another one that I've had my eye on for while.

I also really like this one. 
(sorry, I couldn't get the photo to transfer on here with out being blurry)

What do you guys think? For wall color I am leaning more toward a greige color. Something a little more beige than gray maybe with a little blue undertone (if thats an option). Was that confusing enough. Ya like I said, not super confident on my choice yet. 

Anyway...what would you guys pick for a rug if this was your room if you only had these three choices?  

If you guys can just narrow it down to maybe two choices and give me your opinions on these options then maybe I can finally just close my eyes and pull the trigger on ordering one of them. In the scheme of things, picking a rug should really be the least of my worries but for right now, I'm kinda obsessing about it and I need to be done with rugs :/


  1. Rug # 3 is my favorite and I think the "greige" color on the wall with white ceilings and trim will look nice. Then I would add some light colored pillows to throw on the couch that have stripes-not circles since the rug has those shapes. As for curtains…I'm not sure. :) There's my input for ya! haha!

    1. Thanks for your input! Good thoughts :)

  2. I like the second one the best, but I'd be nervous to buy it without knowing for sure what wall color you're going with. I like the third one a lot too. You can't go wrong with either of them. The first one is beautiful, but white is scary . . .

    1. I really like the second one too Sadie, but you're right, thats what makes me nervous too. The more I look at them I am leaning toward number 3.