Wednesday, January 8, 2014

{ Kitchen Inspiration }

I am finding that when I do these inspiration pages that it's a whole lot easier for me to figure out what it is that I want in each room. 

I realize too, now that I get to decorate another house, that my first house wasn't really decorated in the style that I love. Honestly, I'm still not 100% confident that I know what my style is yet. I was safe in our first house. I mean safe because the colors I chose were neutral (earth tones) and the furniture that I chose was neutral (beige). I picked dark color stain for my living room furniture (book shelves, tv stand, etc.) and I've come to the decision that I really prefer white or colored furniture pieces more. I know that while I still like neutral wall colors, that I want more soft color in my new home like pale gray-greens, gray-blue and cream colors instead of dark browns, rust browns and dark reds. My previous kitchen is pictured below. 

I loved my kitchen. 
It was clean, cozy and functional. can see I picked dark brown counter tops, rust orange for wall color and dark appliances and accessories. Nice but not really my style anymore.
This time around, since we are painting our kitchen cabinets white, below is my inspiration. 

from my pinterest "home" board

I love the crisp clean feel of this room and the pops of color are just perfect. 
I love the white cabinets, white walls, light colored counter tops, and dark flooring.
What do you think? 
We plan on doing some open shelving, so I will have to find some cute dishes to display up on them. I also plan on having a small island. While we wont have a lot of room for stools like the one above, I would like to add one on the side of the island and I think a bright orange stool would be awesome. 

We still have our black appliances from our first home which I would like to eventually replace with stainless because I like that look better. I've settled already on a dark flooring and a light colored counter top. I'm still trying to decide on wall colors yet. The plans seem to be coming together and I cant wait to make it happen in our kitchen!

Now that I have inspiration to go off of, I will be busy looking on craigslist for a stool or two and shopping around for other accessories in white and blue and red/orange (check out these fun orange accessories).

 In the spring you can expect a large barn sale at our home. I am going to need to unload a lot of things that I will no longer be using! 
It's about time I figured out what my "style" really is. Do you guys find that your style is always changing? How do you adjust your home and accessories to changing tastes without breaking the bank, any tips?


  1. I like your old kitchen, but I do agree we are constantly changing ur likes and dislikes. I also like the lighter brighter white kitchen look. I'm not a fan of orange or open cabinets but you have to go with your own tastes. As you know uncle Ray searches garage sales and when he finds neat things I get first pick. Its a cheap easy way to revamp and change up a look.

    1. Aunt Nancy, if he/you run across a cool stool that I could paint let me know and I will buy it off you!!

  2. my cupboards are white now....but they have been blue and before that white. I personally wouldn't do open cupboards ..but that's just me...they get dusty and greasy ..and a lot of time looks cluttery. I like to keep dishes hidden behind doors...=)..but that is popular go for it.

    I think all of our styles are ever changing. I've bought things that I loved and 5 years down the road I look at it and think...that is the ugliest thing I've ever seen!

    1. I'm not a huge fan of the open shelving either but with the limited amount of upper cupboards that we have to work with, that is how we are going to add some extra room. Mostly for display items or every day use items like plates and bowls.

  3. I just painted my old, dark stained cabinets soft white and added dark hardware and I love it! We only repaired the floors and walls when we moved in a year ago, and I've been living with "temporary" countertops. My kitchen needs a major revamping, so I'm jumping in. I really like your inspiration picture. It looks much like my dream kitchen would, and I think it would go well with the style of the house.
    I think taste do change, though I know I've always leaned toward light and bright, not dark and rich. How I would actually put my likes together though, would vary with the house style in which I'm dwelling.

    1. Jackie, I would love to see some photos of your house!!