Saturday, January 4, 2014

{ Trim Decision }

Hi there! We welcomed in 2014 celebrating with some of our greatest friends and we are so excited for what will be happening this year! Top on our list of exciting things to come will be moving into our home!! It's still a few months away we are thinking but slowly and surely we are working to get to that point. Mark literally lives and breaths home renovation. I am grateful for that man. 

Remember my big question of whether to paint the trim in the house or to leave it? You can see that blog post here. WELL...the damage has been done. I started priming the trim   so I can paint it. I knew that if I didn't do it, I would regret not doing it. It's only the beginning and I've already spent about 5 hours on priming (not including the prep time) and have only done a small portion of the trim in the house. It will be a long process but in the end I will be so happy that I made the decision to paint. 

master bedroom closet


It's only primed but it seems like a big difference to me already. I don't have the best photos to show you yet because I only thought about taking them as I was walking out the door and it was already dark out so after I get it all primed and painted I will show all the rooms. 

With my decision to paint the trim, I also decided to NOT paint the doors. I believe it was a Facebook comment from someone to paint the trim and leave the doors wood stained. At first I thought that was weird but then I started looking on pinterest and I actually really like that look. Something like this and this is what I am going for. I will have to re-stain our doors since I'm not a fan of the honey colored doors but that will happen later down the road. 

 My goal for next week is to get the rest of the trim primed and maybe start painting it too. This is NOT a project that I can do while the kids are there so it's a little tricky to get a lot of time to do it but that is the goal and I am going to try hard to accomplish it. 

The kitchen ceiling is being worked on right now. It's a little complicated (seems thats how all things go in this house) due to the uneven level of the ceiling. Turns out that each side of the beam (that is now gone) were different heights. This wasn't something that Mark could eye ball since its only a slight difference but a slight difference is a big deal when you are putting up drywall and trying to make it level. Believe me, a lot of brain power and time went into figuring out how to get that ceiling all one level! I will hopefully have a kitchen update for you really soon. 

So what do you think about the painted trim/stained doors idea? Like it? Any suggestions? 


  1. Keep at it, I like the look !!!

  2. I like the bi-color...that's kind of popular now!!!