Thursday, December 5, 2013

{ Painted trim or no? }

The house is a disaster. Literally. 
Mark TORE up the kitchen over the weekend. Walls are down. Drywall is removed. The bulk head is gone. A temporary wall was put up so that we could remove the beam in the kitchen so that Mark could re-locate it up into the rafters. Kitchen cabinets are everywhere. Drywall finishing upstairs is still happening. Dust is everywhere. It's a mess I tell you. 

So much is happening but nothing really worthy of showing off quite yet...SO, I need you all to ring in on a debate I've been having with myself over the last month or two that I just cant quite decide on. Can you figure it out by the post title? 

Do I paint the trim in the house white for a crisp clean more modern look or leave it? 

Here's the thing...the trim is actually all in really good shape. I kinda feel bad to paint it. Plus there's a whole lot of that's tackling a big job. BUT on the other side, the color of the trim is NOT my thing. Honey color anything is not my thing. Also the kitchen/dining area has already been changed out to white trim and the bathroom and upstairs will be white trim so seems to me that the whole house should be the same. UGH!! What to do??

Here are a couple photos to remind you of what the trim looks like in the house. Please give me your thoughts. Really, I need other opinions. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts! 


  1. I say paint it! I think it will be a lot of work but you will be so happy with the results when its all done! Especially since it will be the same trim throughout the house then. If you leave it, you aren't going to be happy with the honey color and it would be way more work to sand and stain it then to paint it. The trim in our house is all white and I love it. I think it makes it look a ton more updated! Just my thoughts :)

  2. I used to like the wood look but I'm with you on the honey color, not so nice. I say paint it. It will be easier to keep clean plus, it will have a more modern look.