Friday, December 6, 2013

{ Living Room Inspiration }

This is my living room inspiration. I kinda wish that I could just reach into the photo and grab every single detail down to the curtains and put it into my own house. Clearly thats not an option yet in this day and age so I went on a hunt to duplicate.

I'm ITCHING to start decorating. Dreaming is how I am scratching that itch for now. The primary reason I picked this photo as my inspiration is the couch color. That's the same color as our couch. Since we are throwing money at every store under the moon right now we will be re-using a lot of what we had in our previous house to save a few dimes and adding a few things to change up my style a bit. 

I decided to make an idea board for this first idea board EVER!
If you click on the links below you will see some of these items are not cheap. Like I said I'm dreaming but hey...a girl can wish right!? This was purely for the fun because seriously, making this idea board was a blast. 

Pillows, Blue Pillows, Solid Blue Pillow, Decorative Throw Pillow, Throw Pillow, Pillow Cover, Village Blue, Various Sizes Mix and Match Floor Lamp Solid Color ShadesPillow, Blue Pillow Cover, 18" x 18" Pillow, Decorative Throw Pillow, Village Blue and NaturalChevron  Curtains    -Choose Your Length and Color  -         Two Un Lined Panels Each 25 Wide

Pillows - Etsy shop
Rug -
Lamp - shades of light

Curtains (second down from top left) - Etsy shop

What do you think? I have trouble putting different patterns together and deciding if they work or not. Do these prints all work together or might I get a headache walking into that living room?

Decorating the living room is a couple months away so we shall see what I can whip up by then. Maybe you'll be staring at these exact items or maybe you'll be looking at my old couch sitting alone and nothing more because I was too tired of dreaming to do anything else! 

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  1. I like it too. Most all prints go together nowdays and also most any color choices. It's all up to the individual. Nice choices!