Saturday, December 21, 2013

{ Moving Right Along | Bathroom progress }

Bathroom is looking more and more like, well, a bathroom!! 

Let me remind you what it first looked like when we bought the house. 

To be honest, it was probably the nicest room in the house. It was remodeled in 2011 so everything was pretty new. 
However, we had a few problems with it. 

1. No bathtub. With small children and only one bathroom we really wanted a bathtub
2. As stated above, it is the ONLY bathroom in the whole house and it is TINY. We needed to expand as much as we could. 
3. That previous sink was smaller than my face. How can I wash my face let alone get ready every single day  with out a counter top.

I know these things are trivial and really not necessary needs when it comes to survival but as long as we were changing things around we figured we would try to make it the best we possibly could. 

Last time I told you we were ready to change out the without further ado, here is the progression breakdown from old window to new window.

old window

window removed and support going in for new window


new window is in!

Can you see the red floor in the above photo?
That's paper that Mark put down to protect our new flooring!

Yup, it's tile. Looks like wood, fooled you! Isn't it pretty?! We are drooling over here because we love it that much. We also were 100% on the same page when picking it out which is RARE people. We usually debate over every.single.decision. So when we found this tile and both of us went hey this is cool, we were practically running to the check out before one of us could change our minds Ha!

All the drywall is hung and the tub has been placed. We are moving right along!! 

We decided to add shelves that we will tile into the shower space. 

 This is where the vanity will be.

These last two shots are with the tub officially installed as you can see the floor cover has been removed to put it into place. 

The next step is to get the tile up around the shower and finish the drywall so that the toilet and vanity can be installed. I cannot tell you how wonderful it will be when we have a working toilet here again. It is really hard for me to be there with the kids because they have to pee every 10 minutes it seems! We are loving the changes. It definitely feels much bigger already and the floor...ohh we love the floor!

Stay tuned...we will have a finished project around of these days!


  1. Looks amazing, and I love the flooring too!!

  2. im so excited for you guys!!!
    lots of work but, it's moving right along
    can't wait for the finished tour