Saturday, January 24, 2015

{ Chair Made New in ONE Day }

This chair was given to my friend by her sweet mother in law. We forgot to get a picture of it with the original cushion. I'm bummed too. It was a doozy! I'm sure in it's day it was special and all sorts of sentimental cute-ness but just picture Raggedy Ann's face all over that thing. Yup, Raggedy Ann. This baby needed some love and a much needed fabric update.

Painting furniture is one of my new fav things to do. I've been kind of painting everything I can get my hands on. I just decided to FINALLY do the TV stand in our living room. I am so excited to have this piece done and painted! Stay tuned for a few living room updates soon. I am hoping by the time I get done with the painting, the mantel will be ready to show off too. Crossing fingers on that one. We've both been so crazy busy lately that it's been hard to accomplish anything on the to-do list hence my silence over the last two weeks.

Today though, I wanted to just quick share the after results of this chair because it really turned out so cute, and how many of you have old chairs with really bad fabric cushions that you could do a little work and have an updated chair in only a day. And if you don't have a chair like this, take a trip down to your local Habitat store or Goodwill or Antique shop and you'll find at least 3 to choose from! So.Much.Potential in those places. #keepmeoutormymoneydissapears

The first coat looks a little scary. You will be painting and thinking...oh no, what did I do...I'm totally messing this up. Nope, keep going! Get a good first coat on. 
Like I said in my last post, I've been using a mixture of CeCe Caldwells chalk paint + acrylic paint in the color that I like for the piece that I'm painting. Comes out perfect every time. I'm not a professional painter, obviously, just want to state that. I'm just sharing what works for me. 

Then do a second coat and you relax. It all looks so much better after the second coat. I promise. I've been doing three coats on everything and it turns out perfect. As you can see I just propped up the chair onto some paint cans to get it off the ground. That just makes it easier for me. 

Cool chair, right?! I love the curves on the back and the detail on the arm rests. 

It looks SO good in my friends living room as a done piece.

My friend bought some cute mustard yellow patterned fabric, put it right on top of that old Raggedy Ann fabric. This was all done in one day. SO easy! 

What are you guys painting lately? Any furniture painters out there? I would love to see your pics if you have any before and afters and share them with readers. I know lots of people love to do this kind of stuff and lots of us like to see how everyone else is being creative! Send your pics to me at kasey(dot)rawson @ gmail (dot) com. Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to at your house!

Happy Saturday!

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