Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{ Chase's Empty Room }

Do you guys remember this room? 

 If you are completely confused or just here for the first time, this is the bedroom that we are going to make into the nursery for our little guy. Looking back, I don't think I've shared this room before other than maybe a few shots of the hardwood floors in there. 

All that stuff was from the previous owner. After we cleared it all out and scrubbed it all down we were left with this

It was a mess. There were A LOT of holes that needed to be patched and lots of trim that needed paint. You can see in the photos above that some of the trim had already been painted. I painted the ceiling first and then started painting the walls. I picked out a dark blue that has some gray undertones for the walls. I decided to use the blue on the two window walls and then a cream color for the other walls. 

The room also had the laundry hook up installed for the previous owner. We had to take out the the stuff in the wall and fix those spots too but the holes in the floor will just have to stay put. I will probably just throw a dresser or something over it so it wont be seen. 

I started cutting in the blue color and my mom started the cream color over on the other wall

Here's my sweet mom 

{ Note to self- do NOT stand on a bucket while painting. I did and fell. Stupid. My knee still has a bruise. Use a ladder- always. }

So here is the painted room with freshly re-finished floors. It feels SO much better in here. It's amazing how much paint can change a room. 

The closet got two coats of paint too.

I got this rug on I really like the design and I think it should fit the decor of the room pretty good.

This is as far as we got in here so far. I moved the pack-n-play in so Chase could take a nap in there the other day and I took a photo of course to capture his first time sleeping in his room. 

I am looking forward to getting things up on the wall and put his nursery furniture in here. I've got a few things for the wall including a custom painting from an Etsy shop that I am really excited to show you. 

We are still not moved in completely but we DID spend the night here last week. It's looking like hopefully by this weekend we can do a few more projects and then be IN. It's going to be crazy around here with all of our stuff. Seriously, how did we accumulate all this stuff. Stay tuned for a garage sale very soon too. You all NEED to come. I'm not joking- we need to minimize and get rid of a lot!

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