Thursday, May 1, 2014

{ House Crash - Organized Nursery for Baby Will }

Hi Guys! 
I've got so many projects going on at the house right now that it's hard to pick what to show you! Due to computer issues I've had a hard time being able to get on to post and I still don't have access to any of my photos to be able to share with you so crossing my fingers that I can get all that figured out by next week (clearly, I'm not a computer genius) because I REALLY want to show you whats happening in my kitchen! If you follow me on Instagram you got to see a tiny sneak peak at some custom work going on in there. 

 Since I cant show you MY house, I am excited to announce that I am starting a
 new "House Crashing" series!
Each month I am going to share someone else's beautiful home, DIY project or beautifully decorated, organized, remodeled, or just simply cool room in their home. Hopefully to inspire, give ideas, and fulfill my our nosy need to see others homes! I've got a handful of homes to show you already and I am so excited to share them with you.

Kicking off the series I get to show off Holly's amazing nursery. Holly had this nursery all ready for their baby boy a few months ago and I just heard through the grape vine that they welcomed their little guy into the world this week! Sending you a big CONGRATULATIONS from us to you! 

Meet Holly, her hubby and their dog, Maggie. 

Here is baby Will's nursery. I kind of had nursery envy when I first came across it. I'm currently planning out Chase's nursery so it was inspiring for me to check out all her cute decor. A lot of the wall art came from Etsy. Looks like I'll be perusing Etsy after I'm done posting this (Don't tell Mark ;))

Holly found the whale quilt from Land of Nod and used that as inspiration for the rest of the room. 

Check out all the amazing wall art and details around the room

The framed whale with balloons was made by her best friend for her guest book at her baby shower. What a cute idea!

She spent some time organizing which you can read all about over on her blog by clicking here. She has some great tips on organization and planning and not just for the nursery.

Isn't Will's nursery adorable! Thanks Holly for letting me show off your hard work and Congratulations again to you, Corey, and your whole family on your new little guy! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the tour of this sweet nursery! I've always been obsessed interested with touring others homes to get ideas, inspiration and mostly because I am extremely nosy, thank God for the Parade of Homes huh! What about you guys, do you like checking out other people's homes? Know anyone with a sweet abode that needs to be shared here on therawhouseproject?

I will be bringing you a new House Crash once or twice a month as long as people allow me to share their spaces so stay tuned because I have lined up some really awesome places to show you! 

Back to our projects...Mark is working on making a shower curtain rod for the tub. Literally, he is making it himself. He amazes me. I am working on finishing up some trim paint in the living room. Hopefully the computer is up and running soon so I can share all my updates with you all. Till then have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend! 

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