Thursday, May 22, 2014

{ House Crash - Check out Kelly's beautiful home! }

I'm slightly addicted to reading blogs. Yes I said addicted and if you know me then you know that 50% or more of my conversations start with..."so I was reading this blog...". I love seeing what other people are doing in their homes and I get sucked in when I find a good one. I have a few that I faithfully read and one of those is Kelly's house is amazing. Her decorating style is something to be admired and since I am still trying to figure out what my "syle" really is (seriously, I dont have a clue yet), I love getting inspiration from her home.

I really like how cozy her living room is. The color combinations with navy and white plus all her other decor feel very "come and sit in here and relax" to me. This is how I want my home to feel.

Grid of oversized DIY picture frames! (And lots of great art ideas!)

I fell in love with her nursery too. You can see her whole post here. The colors are adorable and I swoon over the pinwheel wall. And how awesome are those curtains?!


Kelly has tutorials on a lot of her DIY projects for this room and more so if you click here that will take you to them.

You've got to check out her blog and see the rest of her beautifully decorated home. Thanks Kelly for letting me share your home today!

Don't forget, if you or someone you know has a home that just screams "show me off!" then let me know and maybe your home will make the House Crash series right here on therawhouseproject blog!

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  1. I love the birds on the wall in the nursery! Cute cute!