Sunday, May 11, 2014

{ Painted Twin Beds }

About a year ago I found two identical twin beds listed on craigslist and I snatched them up! We've had them in storage and I was so excited to get them out once the carpet was in upstairs so I could see them all set up in the kids' room. 

I love that they are simple with clean lines. The box springs came with the purchase and I didnt plan on taking them but when I pulled up to the house that I was buying them from and saw how great of shape they were in, I had them load those in too. 

Aren't they cute?! I thought they would be even cuter painted so I went for it. I've painted a few pieces of furniture before but by no means am I good at it. I skipped over priming them which I will probably pay for someday when the paint chips away easily. I'll let you know how that goes as they get used.

I stopped at the new Sherwin Williams store and picked up one of these little quart pots. They cost under $10, plus this is one of the colors I used for the accent wall and there's still a ton left in there for future use. I had them color match it so if anyone is interested in the color here is the formula.

I put a large tarp down on the carpet, pulled the box springs off and went to town painting them. I used a paint brush for everything and then rolled out the sides later realizing that I FORGOT to paint them. I'm such a dork!

After it dried I brushed on a top coat using this stuff

This clear top coat makes the finish feel much smoother and it shines it up a bit too. I only did one coat but I may still go back over them and brush on another coat for extra protection. 

They look so great up there. It's exactly what I was going for in this room. The kids are really excited about their new beds and cant wait till we purchase some mattresses so they can actually sleep on them. They were running around acting all excited about the beds so I had them stop and told them to pose by the beds. Apparently the little guy thought I said strike a pose! He cracks me up!

I know painted furniture is kinda the cool kid thing right now and I am all in. I really liked the beds before but the painted versions are so much more fun! I will be painting a book shelf and TV stand here very soon too so if you have any tips for me I would love to hear from your experiences. I know next time I wont be skipping the priming step but all in all I think this little project was pretty painless and turned out great results!

What are you guys painting now that spring is here and we can paint outside or in the garage and not freeze our buns off doing it! Aren't you LOVING this beautiful weather we are having, I know we are!

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