Saturday, February 1, 2014

{ Winter Blues }

The winter blues are setting in. I really don't want to be negative but there's really no other way to say that I think we (mostly Mark) are officially burnt out. I am saying this mostly so that I can look back on this blog later (after we are moved in) and see that there was definitely times of frustration but we got through it.  

Someone is still smiling though and that's what counts right!?

I think the frustration is for many reasons. This winter is dragging butt and we are sick of it. It would be an amazing winter to enjoy outdoor activities if we weren't stuck inside with house renovations but we are.

Secondly, the drywalling project literally feels as if it may never end. My dad and cousin have worked hard on the upstairs to get that done. They have been working on it since way before Christmas. My dad is there almost every night mudding and sanding. Because of this we decided to hire out the kitchen and bathroom to give those guys a break. The person we hired didn't do a good job and we ended up having to fire him. Worst nightmare. So now we are stuck with a lot of problem areas that now have to be fixed. <insert sigh here>

thirdly, we have very little family time these days. I know this is short lived and it wont be like this forever but it makes it hard on the kids and on Mark and I. I am usually working or with the kids keeping them busy and I cant bring the kids over to the house like I used to because of the extreme mess with drywall dust and with it being freezing out they cant play outside while we are there so Mark is the only one working at the house out of the two of us. Even if I wanted to work over there, there's not a whole lot to do since there's so much mess and dust I cant paint at all yet. 

Lastly, Mark has been working crazy hours at his day job and is extremely tired at all times which makes it hard to get motivated to do work at the house. 

Are you sick of hearing me run on and on about how miserable we are. I am too. The reason I am writing this is for my own personal venting and the ability to look back on the bad and ugly parts of renovation and see that there was probably a whole lot more good than not and we just need to get through this time. Once the drywall saga is done we will start on many other projects, the house will be cleaner, winter will be coming to an end and the world will feel right again! Doesn't it feel good when everything feels right?Waiting for that day!! 

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