Tuesday, February 11, 2014

{ New Stairs }

Our stairs got a makeover. 
A partial makeover rather because once we get carpet on them then they will be finished but for now they are ready and waiting for that last layer.

You probably don't even really notice the difference because in the scheme of things it's a very tiny update but I am here to tell you that having new stair treads makes a huge difference when walking on them.

The old stairs looked nice but we knew we couldn't keep the old treads in the condition they were in. They felt extremely fragile and the creaking noises as you ascended were unavoidable. I tried. 

The third step eventually ended up snapping in two pieces one day (see photo below) and that made up our minds then and there. 

The new treads are sturdy and silent as you walk on them. My two year old used to be afraid of the old stairs and wouldn't go up or down without a hand to hold and now will go up and down freely as she pleases.  So much better!

We decided since we were carpeting the upstairs we would run the carpet down the stairs too. 
I thought for a hot minute about wanting to keep the old treads and maybe even doing a stair runner but with the broken tread and the creaky-ness (yup just made that word up), we would go with carpet. It's inevitable that one of our three children or myself may fall or partially fall down the stairs (hey, it happens) and we like to think that the carpet may soften the fall. The carpet has been ordered and hopefully will be down in the next two weeks or so! 

Here's a quick reminder of the stairwell changes over the past five months of home ownership

Not only can you see the stair changes (or maybe you cant since it's not that noticeable) but you can see the wall changes. First that retro wallpaper, then wallpaper removal, plaster fixing, and now freshly primed walls all ready for paint.

The painting saga continues upstairs. That is ONE BIG room with a whole lotta angles going on so it's taking time and a toll on the back but hey it's getting there and I'll be excited to show you that once its done.

Oh the things we home owners get excited about huh?!

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  1. :) Lookin' good! Oh Sister, how satisfying this must be for you…every small victory is a step in the right direction! (Oh there was a Mark Sr. joke in there! lol)