Thursday, February 27, 2014

{ Painting Continues }

Painting is my life lately. I am consumed by color choices and swatches at all moments. I have visited the Benjamin Moore store, Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, Menards, all for paint in the last two weeks. After all those trips and staring at swatches and photos I STILL haven't decided on colors for the living room or the master bedroom. 

The good thing is, I have the kitchen and the upstairs completely primed and painted. The living room is primed and ready for paint. The bathroom is primed and painted but I've decided to change the color already. I know. It just isn't the color that I was going for so back to the drawing board on that one!

Here's a small sneak peak at the kitchen

I am completely in LOVE with the color in this room. It is a very calming "greige" color during the day light hours and a peaceful, cozy gray green in the evening hours and I couldn't be happier!

This room has come a long way when you look back to this first photo

Here's a really bad phone picture of the upstairs color

In the photo it looks like a gray color but in person it is a very dusty matted blue. This was actually my second choice. I started doing something different on that wall and then changed my mind (imagine that) but I am really liking the color up there and I have a pretty fun idea for wall art that should be done tomorrow so I will share that whole story with you next week. 

I am a little dissapointed that I didnt have my good camera with me to show you an accurate photo of the color. It still is a HUGE improvement to what we started with. Remember this?

Here is the primed living room, all ready for paint. If only I could pick a color then we would be all set!

I am considering going with the color that I painted in the kitchen just because I love it that much but Mark thinks we need something different. I will hopefully make a final decision here soon oy! What do you guys think? Too much of the same?

The bedrooms on the main floor haven't been touched yet and like I said the bathroom has to be re-painted but that is such a small room, I am hoping to get that done on Saturday.  

 We have so much happening around here the next few weeks so it will be really fun to share it with all of you as we see some pretty big changes!

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  1. I say go with a different color for your living room, just to define them with seperate personalities.