Saturday, February 1, 2014

{ Mess, Mess, Mess! }

You know the saying, "It gets worse before it gets better"? I am confident that is ringing true for us in all ways possible. There is never NOT a mess at this house! Between the drywall mud and dust, the kitchen floor being ripped up, the bathroom demolition, and now the window removal in the kitchen we live and breathe mess in this joint! Check out this fabulous pile of old insulation from the wall near the window. Y.U.C.K.

So remember this awkward moment when we had two windows practically side-by-side?

Well we amped up the awkward-ness. Check it out now

Be jealous, be very jealous! 
Not only do we have two different siding colors and rotted wood up there but now we have a big piece of wood covering the hole where the window used to be. 
Don't worry neighbors, it will get all new siding as soon as the weather improves! It kinda looks like it's getting trashier out there but I promise, "it gets worse before it gets better" remember?! 

Here's how the inside was looking after Mark removed the old plaster. 

Then this happened

He is framing it in for a doorway to be there when we do the breezeway and garage addition. For now we will just have it framed in and drywall covering it until we do the addition. Which is hopefully going to happen later this year. The timeline on everything has to be pushed back a lot further due to having to spend way more on the renovations than planned, so we are unsure when things will happen but hopefully this fall we can start on the garage. 

In other news...painting has officially began upstairs so with my fingers crossed I am hoping to show you that by the end of next week!

Have a fabulous super bowl Sunday tomorrow!!

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