Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{ Unexpected Upgrade }

The kitchen is ready for primer and paint!! I am beyond excited and last weekend as I was walking down the stairs to start vacuuming out the living room, I had the thought that I can actually feel myself being able to live here. I haven't had that feeling like it's our house or even a house I would ever want to even spend one night in but I finally am feeling better about things. Now that we've turned a corner into finishing things off instead of digging in and getting dirty it feels more and more like a home every day. 

While I was busy working on finishing up painting the walls upstairs, Mark decided he was going to pull the old slider door out and fix the flashing around the door since it appeared to be installed incorrectly due to the  floor rot near the door. 

This is where we last left off when it came to the floor. You cant really see it in that photo but the floor along the length of the door was rotted and Mark cut down one more layer in those spots to replace that board. He then decided he needed to take the door out and fix the problem or we would have more issues later down the road. 

This is where the "unexpected upgrade" comes in. He pulled the door out and only after he got it all out he could see that the whole bottom of the wood frame door was completely rotted. #justourluck.

He made yet another trip to the home improvement store and luckily they had a door in stock. The only problem was that it was two inches shorter and lacked a few inches length wise too than the original.

So the house got cold for a bit. Not like we haven't spent enough in heating bills already this winter!

Mark built a new frame for the slightly smaller sized door and luckily my brother stopped in at just the right time to help Mark get the new door in it's place.

New slider is in, the house is warm again and crossing our fingers we don't need any other new items that we didn't plan on. There's been enough of that already.

Although it's not an extremely noticeable "change" in the house, the new slider is definitely a major upgrade from what was there originally so it is nice having that in the house. Plus it gives us one more eye sore on the outside of the home which should push getting the new siding on to the top of the list as soon as weather improves. 

Oh and if you were wondering, no we STILL haven't removed that old stove from the deck. dang snow, go away, we have so much crap out there to clean up!

I am so excited to share my painted kid's room upstairs with you all. Check back next week.