Tuesday, February 4, 2014

{ Skim Coating }

We should really find a use for drywall dust cuz this stuff is in abundance and it's not going away for awhile yet.

It's coming from the skim coat that my fabulous hubby and dad have been working on. Like I explained here, the walls had a bumpy texture to them that we weren't really fond of so to get rid of that texture plus cover up some plaster cracks, Mark decided to do a thin coat of drywall mud over all the walls and then sand that down to get a more smooth surface. 

First we scraped all the cracked parts of the wall and then he filled in the holes with compound

Next he sanded down all the walls and then applied the thin skim coat layer

It's so messy and dusty everywhere, but it really looks great. I'm just happy to see that yellow color gone! The smooth walls are going to be so much better and hopefully it will help to decrease plaster cracks in the future.

He didn't do the area above the fireplace because we are still planning on doing the built in around it, like I referenced here. I added a horrible photo shopped pic below of where the built-in's will be so you can visualize what will be covered up. 

Are you laughing at that picture?! I said it was a horrible but you get the idea. I was helpful for me anyway!

He has a little more sanding to go and then he'll be moving on to fixing a few things on the ceiling. Still not sure what color to paint in here but I'm excited to get at it.

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  1. So I'm just catching up on all these blog posts because I missed them somehow and probably because I hear everything firsthand… anyway, I love the pics since I don't ever see any of it and I think the photoshop thing was helpful to visualize! Cheesy? Sure, but helpful yes! :D Love that the yellow is gone, it looks so much better!!