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{ The List is Back }

When I started this blog back in October 2013, I made a "To Do" list. This was during the time that we were in the middle of gutting and remodeling the upstairs and the whole house just looked like a crazy disaster at the time. 
Then in April (just a little before we moved in) I decided to re-visit that list to see how much we actually accomplished and how much we still had to do. Today I want to look at it again and hope to cross off a few more things and possibly add some things to the list. I can get a better feel of what I want/need to do in a space once I have lived in it for a little while. It's easy to say you want certain things done when you aren't living there and then when you get there it doesn't seem to work out the way you were imagining or it doesn't really function the best for that room. So now that we are in I have a better idea of what I want to do in each room, for design and function. So lets get started. 

Here was my list from April for the kitchen
75% done
  • remove closet walls to place refrigerator in that spot
  • remove bulk head and beam across the ceiling
  • relocate the small window (see here)
  • install ceiling lights and a dining light fixture (still looking for the right dining table light)
  • replace the flooring (see here)
  • replace counter tops
  • paint the current cabinets
  • install under cabinet lighting
  • paint
At that time I said we were at 75% finished. At this point everything with the exception of installing under cabinet lighting has been completed. 

This list could be considered 95% done if I left as is, however, I have a few more things that I would like to see done in here so here is the new updated list for the kitchen including the one item that hasn't been accomplished yet from the previous list so I am going to say we are at 90% done now.
  • install under cabinet lighting
  • add crown molding to the cabinets
  • install tile back splash
  • add open shelving to the right of the slider
  • build a bench seat along the windows
  • add a cabinet above the refrigerator and make the refrigerator look "built in"

Here's the tile back splash that I am IN LOVE with. I want to pet it. I want it in my kitchen. Like now. Crossing my fingers that when we are ready to take on this job and save up enough dough to do it that it is still available!

It's penny tile in mint color. Doesn't it look pretty!? I wish we were ready for this but there are way to many important jobs that need to be done first, but I can dream right?! My original thought was to do white subway tile in the kitchen (just like we did in the bathroom) but I really want to step out of the box a little and do something a different.

Moving on now...The living room list looked like this back in April
Living Room:
75% done
  • paint walls, ceilings, and trim
  • white wash the fireplace like this
  • install a wooden mantel
  • resurface the hardwood floors (see new floors here)
  • install ceiling lights

The walls have all been painted but other than that the fireplace still sits unfinished

Above is a quick photo I snapped the day we moved in our living room furniture. Things have moved around so the love seat isn't sitting in the middle of the floor anymore. That would have made for awkward conversations having it that way huh? We added a rug, the TV, some plain white curtains (that I plan to stencil) but other than that this room looks the exact same as above. So even though we crossed off painting from the previous list I'm going to still call it only 75% done since the new list below is larger.

  • white wash the fireplace like this
  • install a wooden/chunky mantel
  • cover the hole in the wall with drywall
  • stencil the curtains
  • add trim detail to the fireplace wall (this will be awesome!!)
  • add pillows
  • hang photo gallery/art work to walls

I am eagerly waiting for the fireplace to get finished so I can sit in here with out looking at that gross junk where the drywall should be! Again... There are other top priority items so I know that it wont be done any time soon but I am looking forward to having that completed so I can decorate the Mantel. Priorities!

 On to the bathroom... here was the list back in April
90% done
  • open up the room a little by moving some walls
  • replace stand-up shower with a tub
  • replace the tiniest sink in the world with a vanity and sink top
  • replace the flooring
  • install ceiling light
  • paint
At that time, I had called it 90% done because I still had to add the trim piece along the painted line on the wall, we needed a mirror, shower curtain rod, and light. Those things have all been done now.

There are only a few things that I still need to do in this room, so I'll keep it right at 90% done for now.
  • paint the trim around the window
  • paint the mirror an accent color
  • add shelves above the toilet
  • add toilet paper holder and some hooks for towels
  • hang some art work somewhere on the walls

Changing gears and looking at the list for the upstairs now
Back in April:
95% done
  • remove all paneling
  • remove the wall between the two rooms
  • remove all insulation and replace with new
  • replace all electrical outlets and add new
  • install ceiling lights
  • drywall
  • replace two windows
  • build closets
  • paint
I made it sound so easy back in April when I said "We have a little bit of trim left to do and the closet doors need to be painted. We need to add some closet organizers and then this room will be checked off as officially being d.o.n.e!" Like we were just going to get it all done right then and there and be d.o.n.e....riiight....nope. We still have a little bit of trim to do, all the trim needs to be painted, we still need closet organizers/shelves, and the closet doors still need to be pained. I am working on quilts for the kids beds and there is still some re-arranging, organizing, photo hanging stuff to do up there too. 
For now it still looks like this...kinda like kid crap threw up in there. It will get under control one of these days. I promise.

I want to do something behind the kids beds on that wall. Either an accent wall or art work or something. Got any ideas for me? Other than that here is the new list for this room
  • accent wall/art work behind kids beds
  • paint the trim around the stairway
  • paint the closet doors
  • install closet organizers
  • finish the quilts for the beds
  • add side table(s) next to beds
  • donate toys that aren't played with anymore
          and organize the ones that are left

    This room is going to stay at 90% done. Almost there but not quite completed.
    Basement list from April reads as follows
    • paint ceiling and walls and flooring like this on the laundry room side
    • add shelving to create storage space
    • paint fireplace
    • paint paneling in family room
    • install more ceiling lights
    NOTHING has been done down there as of yet. I need this to happen. Like yesterday. I said in my last post that we would be working on the basement over the next couple weeks, ya, that hasn't started yet. Mark has been so busy and now he just hurt his back so who knows when this will happen. Soon. Real soon. Crossing my fingers here, because not having laundry at my own home is getting real old, especially with three very messy kids and husband!
    I'm going to skip over the outside, the master bed room and Chase's room for now because all of them have had no changes since April's list (other than painting) so it would be a waste of time to go back over each one. My goals for each of these spaces are all still the same.
    Going through this list makes me realize how much we have yet to do but when I look at the list I am happy with how far we have come. We live here and it's a mess most days but we are together and so happy to be in our home.
    The facts are, it's an old home that needs lots of updates both cosmetic and structural. We are willing to do the work and our goal is to do it all stress free (as much as possible) without going into debt doing it. Things WILL take time. We are not rich and things cant happen with the snap of a finger (I wish). I need to tell myself those things all the time and remember to be grateful all the time for what we DO have.
    So what are we working on now? Well, hopefully cleaning out the basement AND I am working on a few projects in the bathroom. I am excited to show you the painted mirror and new shelf liners that are protecting the drawers and making them pretty at the same time!
    What projects are you guys working on at your home?
    Have a great week guys!

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