Saturday, August 23, 2014

{ DIY Fringe Scarf }

We just set off a bug bomb down in the basement. It's the first step to getting the rest of it done and I am beyond ready to get going on it. 

Here's an old photo from before we moved in. The old freezer with no door has been removed and its a whole lot messier down there now since this is where Mark had the table saw set up to cut all the trim and other boards for the upstairs renovations. 

Once we can get back into the house later we are going in with the shop vac and cleaning up the whole room. I'm hoping to not see any more spiders or other bugs down there anymore too. Those things freak me out!

After vacuuming we plan to spray the ceilings white, paint the walls with moisture lock paint and paint the cement too. This should really make it feel a lot cleaner. I'm looking forward to that. I NEED my washer and dryer installed into this house and it would be great to be able to go down there to do laundry and not be afraid that I will get some sort of disease or spider bite for that matter!

In the mean time, I decided to make up a few fringe scarves for Jenna out of some cheap tank tops I picked up from the Salvation Army Store. 

Have you guys seen these? They are so cute and really easy to make!
It's a cute accessory to a simple white t-shirt and leggings. 

You can find tutorials all over the internet but here's how I did mine

1. Cut off the bottom hem  
2. Cut a chunk out of the middle (doesn't really matter how big-I think mine was about 6 inches from top to bottom)
3. Cut fringes all along the bottom edge. You can go up as far as you want. I cut mine about 2 inches up. 
4. Pull on the fringes a little to get them to ravel a bit and then put it on

That's it! Seriously so easy, right?!

This girl of mine loves any accessory she can add to an outfit. She loves bracelets, name it, so giving her these quick and easy fringe scarves was the highlight of her day for sure!

I cut the fringes on this patterned one a little shorter and chunkier. It doesn't
 fringe out as much as the other one. I prefer the longer/skinnier fringe look, but this is still pretty cute!

So go out and find an extra shirt and make yourself one today for that extra accessory that everyone will ask...where did you get that?! Believe me... we went to the store with her wearing that last one and I had at least 4 people ask and was really proud to say "we just made it!"

Looking forward to sharing our basement pictures with you guys. I know that's real exciting in all but I will be excited so you'll be hearing about it none the less! Ha!
 Happy Saturday! 

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  1. this is so cute!! I want to make a few for myself!! thanks for sharing at Create Link Inspire party! I'm featuring you over at Nap-Time Creations today in a fall fashion post. I've also spread the word around social media. Stop by and have a look! Emily

  2. Thanks for the feature Emily and for your kind words! Kasey