Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Shannan's house and blog- Flower Patch FarmGirl are something you dont want to miss. This girl is encouraging and raw and real + her unique and fun farmhouse style is something that I envy.
 All over people are making over old junk and calling it their treasures and placing it in thier homes and making thier houses feel lived in and cozy and right. I'm not that kinda gal but I secretly want to be. So this house tour was fun for me to share with all of you and even though it's not exactly MY style of home that I have going on, I still take so much inspiration from these photos. Anyone that can make their home feel calm and cozy is inspiring to me.
You can see all the cool things that this girl has to offer over at her blog here.
I could see myself sitting down with coffee and a few friends and chatting it up in this living room for hours. It's different but somehow I love it, espcially that chair with those turned legs. Fact is, I swoon over furniture with turned legs.
I want one of these book shelf/shoe holding pieces like yesterday! How cool is that?
I like the fun bathroom hooks with letters above
Check out this kitchen...
I love the colored island and wood top paired with the white cabinets and subway tile. Modern and farmhouse style combined. 
These white walls with colorful curtains and pops of color throughout the room work well together and in my opinion just lovely!
Is that not one of the most cozy looking homes you've seen in awhile? Maybe it's not your taste but that's ok becasue that's why there are different styles out there, everyone is different.
I like it. A lot. I like to think that my house someday will feel this homey and airy - are those words? You know what I mean, right.
Like I said, Shannan's blog is something amazing. You will be encouraged. Maybe even cry a few tears while smiling as you read her words. If you want to read something cute you can see her love story here. This is honest love that she describes and I smiled through my tears as I read it because it reminds me of my own love story in a few ways....
So there you go. Another House Tour plus another blog to add to your reading repertoire.
I'll be back later this week with an update on the basement. It's getting there and I'm hoping that doing laundry in my own house will be happening real soon!


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