Tuesday, August 12, 2014

{ Going Mint + GIVEAWAY }

The WINNER for this giveaway is entry #3!

I finally decided on what color to paint the bathroom mirror. 

I get a lot of messages and emails with suggestions and want to say thank you for that. Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to let me share my house and life with you and thank you for taking the time to walk beside me with your suggestions and input. I really value others ideas and it has helped me make a lot of decisions in regards to my home!

 It was one of you that suggested mint as an accent color and after I tested out a few other options I kept going back to mint as my number 1 choice. So I went with it and boy am I glad I did.

I ended up using craft paint mixed with some chalk paint on the mirror. I had white chalk paint that I picked up from Pinky's Place. {Side note: If you haven't checked out Pinky's Place on Alpine in Walker it's pretty cool + they carry chalk paint.} So after I picked up some mint colored craft paint, I just mixed the two in a 1:1 ratio.

I wiped down the mirror with a wet wipe -high tech, I know but this is what I learned from a chalk paint class and it works great! I let it dry and then painted it with a small craft brush

I didn't tape anything either. It's so much easier to scrape off the mirror after you paint than to take the time to tape everything off, especially one like this one that has curves to it. 

It took me about 30 minutes to paint, let it dry, and then paint it again a second time. After two coats it was good enough for me and then I hung it back on the wall. This was a super quick and easy change for the bathroom.

Do you like the mint? I LOVE it! Also, just a little fun fact for you...that green/blue vase that now sits on the bathroom counter, which I think is a really unique and cool vase, was a wedding gift from the woman who used to live in this home prior to us. She said she had it for a long time and was re-gifting it to us and now it's made it's way back to it's original home. Ironic huh?! 

We also added a toilet paper holder and some towel hooks. These things were necessary and should have been done right away but we finally rolled around to getting it done last week. 

I also put shelf liner in the drawers and cupboards in the vanity. I wanted to do this for two reasons. First to make sure the vanity was protected from water/liquid spills and second it's cute -duh, haha! I initially purchased a cheap roll of shelf liner from the grocery store and intended to put that in there but then I got the opportunity to get a roll from www.chicshelfpaper.com to use. They so kindly sent me a roll of adhesive vinyl laminate liner and I have to say this stuff is pretty awesome! Do you guys use shelf liner? I never did before but in our last house some of our bathroom vanity drawers got some water spills in it from kids throwing their toothbrushes or wet hairbrush in and the "wood" drawer got a little soft. I knew I wanted to keep these drawers safe from that especially now that we added another kid to the mix to make messes! 

Here is the pattern that I picked out. 

It comes in a large roll, so if you have a small vanity like mine one roll will be more than enough. 

It comes with easy directions and a credit card sized piece to use to flatten the liner down as you lay it on your shelf.
You will also need a ruler, a measuring tape, and scissors. 

It was so easy! You have to start with a clean shelf or drawer. Again, I used a baby wipe to clean them first and went over it with a lint free towel to dry. After you measure and cut your piece, step two is to peel the backing off and place the liner into position in the drawer. The backing is self-adhesive and is really easy to re-position if you need to adjust the placement. Step three is to smooth out the liner so there are no bumps or humps. 

I think the hardest part is cutting out the size piece you need and even that is not hard so all in all, I would say this update is totally worth doing to save on your drawers and of course to make them pretty too!

Chic Shelf Liner offers over 350 different designs and has four different material options to choose from. I really love the vinyl laminate material that my liner came in. The water drips will pool right up so they can be wiped away allowing my drawers to be completely covered from getting water on them and should I decide to change my colors in my bathroom, which I wont but in the event it could happen, I can easily peel up the liner and change it out for a different design. 

Head over to Chic Shelf Liner's webpage to check out all their different options for your home. They even have a cut to size service so if you would prefer to measure your cabinets and drawers and have them cut it all out for you they will do that! So cool right!

I would say this bathroom is really getting there in terms of feeling done. I still need something for the window, something above the toilet (not sure if I want to do pictures or shelves), and a towel bar (forgot that when we picked up the other stuff). 

Overall, I would say that I am really loving this bathroom! The mirror looks great, the inside of the cabinets look cute and are more organized now and we are still loving the large corner shower/tub and that adorable shower curtain too!

Speaking of the shower curtain...were you wondering when you would get to the giveaway part of the post?
Win your very own Target Threshold Shower Curtain!

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Thanks for stopping by and if you haven't already check out Chic Shelf Liner's webpage make sure you click over to check it out now, I am telling you this stuff is great! 

Disclosure:   ChicShelfLiner.com provided me with product for this post, but all opinions are 100 percent mine. 


  1. Cute mirror! I shared the link on Pinterest. I drool over that shower curtain every time you post pictures of your bathroom. If we ever live in our own house again, I could use it as a jumping off point for decorating my own bathroom. :-)

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  4. Def a great pick for that mirror. Adds a pleasant pop of color to your cute bathroom! My share is pinned on Pinterest.