Thursday, July 3, 2014

{ Etsy Shop Love + Upstairs Today }

I am excited to show you all the spaces that I love and that the kids love about their upstairs bedroom. It's been a long time coming and I've finally got things organized enough that I am willing to share with everyone. There's still SO MUCH that needs to be done but for now we will concentrate on where we are today. 

We'll start in the "reading corner" or so the kids call it. It's the little area behind the stairs where I painted the herringbone accent wall

They got these bean bag chairs for Christmas from their Aunt and we decided this was the best place for them over in this corner. The kids love sitting down and picking out a book to read and I love that they are reading! 

We have the trim up around the room but it still needs paint on it. The base trim got two coats on it before putting it up but the upper trim around the staircase hasn't even had a coat of primer yet. 

While Jenna spends a lot of her time over in the reading area or in her kitchen -which I will show you soon, THIS is where Trevor spends the majority of his time. At the Lego table. We painted this table with chalk paint which is perfect for drawing roads and all sorts of things.

The kids and I painted it a couple months ago

Hours have been spent at this table. He doesn't have a huge Lego collection but he started to accumulate a few sets last year and now he has enough to spend a whole afternoon building and playing. Future engineer right there!

The kitchen is the other spot that Jenna will spend the majority of her day. This is the IKEA kitchen and it's perfect for her. 

She just got a new apron and literally wears it all day and goes back and forth from the kitchen and doing other things We put that little table over in the corner with the chair so she could set up the table to eat her "meals" and drink her tea! So.darn.cute!

Here's the other side of the room where their beds are. I love the look of the painted beds! 

I still want to put something above each of their beds and get a little table for the short corners on each side. I bought those curtains at Ikea and shortened them. I like the curtains but I am still looking for something different. I want something with a little more of a bold pattern on it that jumps out. I think it would be better with the walls being so plain to bring in more of a catching curtain. 

Did you notice the little baby bed? We got that for Jenna as a Christmas gift. She thinks it is her duty to put her baby to bed every night. I found the bed on Etsy. The shop is called, TheLittleMommy. Kristal has a lot of super cute beds and she also makes blankets, pillows, and mattresses to fit the beds too. You can see the blanket on our little baby bed. It is so adorable! These beds would be perfect for photo shoots too as seen below.

 Kristal is offering 20% to my readers by using the Promo Code: PROMO20.

There really isn't a lot of wall space to hang things up on, other than the wall space behind the beds and this little space between the closets. 

I finally got a few things hung up and I am really loving it!

We still need to paint the closet doors and add some handles yet as you can see, but so far I am really liking how this little wall is turning out.

I am using three of the frames to display the kids' art work and two of them to hold my two favorite photos of the kids. They are held up with command strips. I've never used those before and I'm not getting paid to say that I love them, but really, where have these been all my life! Love them!

The bottom board with the green chevron design is a magnet board. We made a little daily chore chart to put up on there-not pictured, and it's the perfect spot for it!

We love that little magnet board. It's already held up countless pieces of art work from our craft days and whatever Jenna thinks needs to be displayed!

I found this on Etsy at LivyLouDesigns. update: Chris is working on adding things to her shop right now so the link wont work today but should be up and running soon! You can click here to see her facebook page and the products that she has. Chris will be back soon with a promo code for my readers when her shop is up and running again. I will update you when I get that. 

Chase spends a lot of time up here playing too. We have his little jumper toy in here but he's just recently started to get board with it so that will probably go away soon.

That pretty much sums up the whole room tour for now. Like I said there are still lots of things to be done up there. Painting trim, painting closet doors, adding closet shelves (for now the clothes are just folded in piles on the floor :/), and adding wall art above the beds. The kids are always wanting to be in their room and I am SO glad we Mark spent a lot of time making this room the best it could be for our kids!

Here's a quick reminder of what it started out like if you are new here or if you've forgotten...

I love looking back at those old photos and seeing just how amazing the transformation really is!

Pretty awesome huh?! 

If you could already tell by now too from reading my past posts about my Etsy shop love and then this post, I LOVE buying off Etsy. It's a great place to find a lot of different items. I wanted to take a second to share two of my other favorite shops today. I haven't purchased anything yet from these shops but some of these things are definitely on my Christmas list!

The first one is RagNBoneStudio.

Allison has great welded jewelry displays over at her shop Rag N' Bone Studio. These are a must see and so cute they are begging to be displayed on your vanity or dresser! She is offering 10% off to all my readers using the promo code: RHP10.

The second shop that I am really liking right now is OneHappyLeaf.

Anna's shop One Happy Leaf has some adorable laser cut unique items. These are one-of-a kind things that would be perfect as a gift to a friend or wedding party (see the cuff links) or yourself (of course!). She is offering 10% off to you guys using the promo code: FIRSTLOVE.

Thanks for taking a minute to check out our upstairs bedroom and for allowing me to share my fav Etsy shops here on the blog! Until next time.... Be Blessed!

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