Sunday, July 27, 2014

{ Sew This! | Removable Pillow Cover }

So, I tried making one of those "easy to sew dresses" one time a while ago and sewed the bottom of the dress closed. I wouldn't say I am a good sewer by any means. Seriously, these patterns that you can buy are difficult to read for me and I have very little experience under my belt with anything sewing related. I really only know how to use my sewing machine in one mode and that's because my friend Sara (who's a sewing genius) set it all up for me. Ha! 

If you are looking for a quick updated look just by changing out your pillow cover and want one of those really easy sewing projects to do then this is the project for you! I mean it when I say its easy too. If I can do it, you can do it for sure!

First you need to measure your pillow. Mine was 18×18. I used two different fabrics. With the chevron pattern I cut out a 19×19 piece (the extra inch is to allow for seams). The other fabric I cut out 21×19 piece. This one has to be a little longer so you'll have an envelope enclosure pillow cover. Cut that second piece in half. You can see my pieces above all cut out.

Next, you'll want to fold over and iron the edges on both sides along that middle cut line of the second fabric. Once you have folded and ironed, sew a straight line all the way down

After you've sewed a line down each side you will take those two pieces and place one side about 2 inches over the other piece. This will be the envelope enclosure. Make sure both sides are laying with fabric right side up. This will now be a 19×19 square.

Lay the other fabric (the chevron in my example) right side (meaning the side with the pattern on it) down so it's facing the right side of the bottom piece. Next pin all the way around the square.

Sew a straight line all the way around the square.

Turn the pillowcase inside out or in this case right sides out and VIOLA! You have yourself a pillow cover that you made yourself!

Here's my plain black pillow that I've had forever and then now with the new two sided cover. That Damask fabric really hides the fact that there's a seam down the middle. The envelope enclosure is nice because you can take it off to wash it or take it off to switch it up as your styles change.

Here it is on one of my ghost chairs. I love it and it was such a quick and easy project to do.

I want to point out too, I finally hung some frames up on one section of wall in the kitchen. You can see it just beyond the chair in the photo below. 

These are all frames and photos that I had hanging in our previous house so I do need to update the photos. The top right frame still needs a photo in it. Trevor said to me, "mom, who's that lady at the top, I dont know her?" LOL, I laughed and said that's just the photo the frame came with! I really love having these photos up. It feels more and more like home as we add personal items. I really like gallery walls so this is my mini version of one for now. I plan on doing a large version somewhere in the living room some day. 

So what do you guys think, was that an easy pillow or what? If you have any questions about what I did feel free to ask in the comments section below and I will be sure to answer.
 The next couple weeks we are planning on cleaning out our basement, bug bombing, painting everything and moving our washer and dryer in so if you have any tips on cleaning nasty basements or using a paint sprayer or have any tips about bug bombs, share away, we are going in pretty blind and hoping for the best so any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

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  1. Nice job, Kasey. I'm not by any means a sewer, but I might be able to handle this if I had a sewing machine... :-)