Tuesday, July 1, 2014

{ DIY Star Shirt }

Today was craft day at the campground. 
We painted our own t-shirts and they turned out so cute!

I printed out three different star sizes and traced them onto freezer paper. Did you guys know when you iron freezer paper onto fabric it sticks? It does! After you have your freezer paper shape cut out all you have to do is press the hot iron on it for a couple seconds and it's stuck on. It peels right off when you're done with it so it's perfect for these kinds of projects.

When I was at Walmart last I picked up a handful of their cheap children's t-shirts. They have them for around $2 sometimes so it works really good to stock up for when we want to do these kind of projects.

The only other things you need are pencils with good erasers and some fabric paint. 

We chose to do stars so the kids could wear these shirts for the 4th of July. We also chose red, white, and blue for our paint colors to stick with our theme. 

It's pretty self explanatory, but all you do is dip the pencil eraser into the paint and dot away. Try to make lots of dots around the perimeter of the star so when you peel off the freezer paper the star shape will pop.

The kids really liked doing this craft and it was SO easy!

Even Chase got in on the action!

This is my kind of craft too because there was NO mess, other than wiping the kids hands down. 

I really love doing t-shirt crafts with the kids because it's something that they get to keep AND wear. I love getting pictures of my kids in their homemade shirts and then those memories last a life time.

We are really enjoying our camping trip this year! The kids are having a blast and we are getting in some much needed family time.

Have a safe and fun 4th of July! I'll be back later this week with the sneak peak of the kids room!

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