Monday, July 7, 2014

{ House Crash - iheart Jen's home! }

I thought I would share one of my FAVORITE bloggers home today. As I said before, I get so much inspiration from other bloggers and I am completely obsessed with looking at other people's homes. Not in a creepy sort of way, just in that I am interested in home layouts and decorating styles. I've always been this way. My brother calls me nosey, I like to call it curious! Who doesn't like to see a well styled, well thought out and functionable home. Whenever I am at the home improvement stores, I pick up those giant books of house plans. I have done this for as long as I can remember. My pile of house plan books is a little ridiculous but it's my hobby! Maybe you don't care, and if you don't, well then my friend this is not the post for you, but if you are like me then keep reading because you are in for a treat today with this home tour!
Jen is the writer behind the iheartorganizing blog and she shares her incredible tips on organizing and she also shares her love of decorating her home on her website.
I am inspired by Jen in multiple ways, her organizing and cleaning tips are fabulous, her home is exciting to look at and to top it all off she is my "mentor" if you will when it comes to blogging. We have started to correspond via email and I am excited to be able to pick her brain when it comes to all things blogging. She is working on a blog post with tips and faq's about blogging right now too so if you are a blogger and have questions or if you want to start up, her post will be a great resource for that, so stay tuned to her blog for that!
Ok now on to the house photos....get ready to be envious! {in a good way of course!}
As I said before, Jen is an organizing guru. If you want to see more of her great ideas check out her projects gallery page!
I get all geared up to do projects after I read her blog posts! I am encouraged as a mom - that you can do these things with kids in tow and encouraged as a home owner that things do get better and better with time if you're willing to put effort into your home and that it is SO possible to DIY a lot of these cute things you see out on the internet. Organization is something I am trying to accomplish on a minute by minute basis when I am home so I will take and hoard in my little brain anything and everything I can get! Thanks Jen for taking the time to mentor me on this blogging thing that I have picked up as my new favorite hobby! Apparently I'm full of hobbies now, you know house plan hoarding and blogging. I live a crazy life ya know. Be jealous, be very jealous!
I hope you guys enjoyed seeing a few photos of Jen's house and if you didn't already click over to her blog to see more, you can click here to go there now!
Hope you had a Marvelous Monday!!


  1. Thank you so much for the super sweet write-up! I sincerely appreciate you sharing my blog and the upcoming series!

  2. It was my pleasure Jen! I always look forward to reading your blog :)