Thursday, April 23, 2015

{ One Room Challenge | Week 4 }

I'm a little late to the party today (actually I'm always late so this is quite fitting) because I was waiting for the tile to arrive and it's finally here! 

This is week 4 of the #oneroomchallenge hosted by Linda from Calling It Home. I wanted to join the challenge for two reasons. First I wanted the kitchen to have the finishing touches that I've been thinking about since we bought the house and this was a great excuse to start that. Second because I love working side by side with my husband doing projects. It's fun talking about what our plans are and coming up with ideas on how to execute them. He is literally an amazing handyman and knows how to pretty much do everything and always helps me make my visions come alive.

ok enough of the sap...

I was hoping the tile would have arrived earlier but with some unexpected delivery issues it only just arrived but I can tell you THIS tile will literally MAKE my kitchen. I am excited to see it go up on the wall. 

When I saw this pull up in front of the house I got all giddy and then realized I had to help the guy unload the truck lol. It wasn't so bad.. our kid's wagon made the work easier getting that 250 lbs of tile to my door ha! 

Last week I wasn't sure what legs I wanted on the bench and to be honest, I'm still not 100% sure what I want. I'm leaning more toward the hairpin legs and if we're being truthful, I don't think that I will decide until the very last minute because for some reason I am the worst procrastinator ever. Thankfully its one of those things that its ok to wait on. 

Here is how the kitchen is looking this morning

The planks are painted and caulked. I walk into this kitchen everyday and smile. It is such a pretty room and the planks make it feel so warm. 

I purchased some curtains and am waiting for those to arrive. The bench needs another coat of paint on it and the legs and then we can check that off the checklist. The tile will get started this week. The island will get a touch up of paint and I was considering adding one more project to Mark's list with adding under cabinet lighting. We'll see how fast we can get the tile up and grouted and then if we have time I would love to have the extra light in here. I love the look of under cabinet lighting.  

Can we talk for one more second about the tile? 

This tile is from Mission Stone and Tile  and it's called Beveled Arabesque. I have been planning my kitchen in my head and on my pinterest boards forever and THIS is the tile that I have always gone back to when considering what to use. I debated doing the classic subway tile for a bit but doing something a little different was exactly what I wanted and this arabesque shape is perfect. I never had a tile back splash. In our first home that we built we didn't do tile. None of the bathrooms have had tile back splash so this will be a first for me. Can you tell I am freeking excited #thethingshomeownersgetexcitedaboutisridiculous but I'm ok with it lol! 

Stay tuned for next week because you'll finally get to see how the tile transforms our kitchen from plain to perfect (in my opinion anyway ha!) 

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Thanks for stopping in...until next time! 


  1. That tile is gorgeous...your space is going to be stunning!!

  2. Gorgeous tile, but you've done so many beautiful things in your kitchen already, why not a few more right?!

  3. Oh my, I can't wait to see that tile on the wall! And the planks are FABULOUS as well!

  4. The tile really is beautiful! I'm sure it will look amazing once it's in. By the way... how did the FedEx guy feel about you taking his picture? Love that you did though... just shows how incredibly excited you were to get the tile.

    1. Thanks Erin! I snapped the photo before I realized the driver was walking up, I don't think he even knew I took the pic lol!

  5. Love the progression pics of how it looked when you bought it to now...the planks absolutely make this space look huge and they add so much character!