Thursday, April 9, 2015

{ One Room Challenge | Week 2 }

We are in week two of the #oneroomchallenge hosted by Linda from Calling It Home

If you are just visiting for the first time you can see what our plans are here from week one. 

The three major projects that I want to cross off my list are
1) Plank Wall
2) Tile Backsplash
3) Bench Seating

Mark got right to work last week and he has almost all the planks up on the walls as of today. If you follow my instagram feed then you got to see that I was busy filling in all the tiny nail holes with spackle this last week too.

Spackling wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It took a little time but well worth it. I just used my finger to push in the spackle and then used an old credit card and swiped it along the board to scrap off the extra. Really technical huh! It worked so I call it successful. ha!

If you think that top board on the photo above looks a little wonky, your eyes are not lying to you. Mark needs to fix the top two boards as they've buckled a little since nailing them in. There's never a project that doesn't need a little adjustment in this old house of ours but that will be a pretty quick fix. 

I started priming yesterday on the wall next to the cabinets. 

My technique for this was to use a brush in the cracks and along the edges and then rolled the primer on. Another time suck project but overall well worth it because it already looks amazing. Like amazing amazing!

I picked up paint in the same color as the trim in our house and plan to paint ALL day today. The trim in here never got painted either since we renovated last year so this will be a good time to get that done too. 

The constructing of the bench under the window has started too and it looks SO good. Like I said last week, we really needed to add some additional options for seating in here and because the space is already really tight we went with a bench that can be collapsed when we don't need it. I will share all about that project next next Thursday.

I'm still on the hunt for some curtains to hang up over the slider door and fabric to sew up some pillow covers for the bench. 

We've got some amazing tile coming from Mission Stone and Tile   that I CANT WAIT to show you. Seriously they have fabulous tile to choose from, while I already knew what I wanted for my kitchen it was hard to not question myself a little when I saw how awesome all their tiles are. I am really looking forward to showing you that when it comes in so make sure you follow me on Instagram because you will see it there first! 

So far I am really loving how this room is shaping up and looking forward to the next four weeks left of this #oneroomchallenge to share our progress with you! 

Thanks for dropping in, until next time... Be blessed!


  1. AHHH!!!! I am in LOVE with it already! Such good work you two!

  2. This looks great! Can't wait to see what else you're doing in this room! Good luck with it :)

  3. I actually hate to paint, especially trim, but it's something that has to get done! What a great looking wall. Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out.

  4. That wall is gorgeous! Come build me one - or a whole house full of them. Pretty Please!

  5. It's coming along so great already!!!

  6. I love the plank wall. We've done a couple in our house as well.., its always adds an amazing dimension to the room. Good luck!

  7. Oh my goodness, the wall IS amazing, amazing!

  8. I LOVE that wall! It looks SO good. Great work!

  9. I love the planked wall. What type of lumber is it made from?

    1. Donna, we used 1/4 inch HD board. I plan to give all the details on the wall at some point so stay tuned! Thanks!!