Thursday, April 16, 2015

{ One Room Challenge | Week 3 }

It's week three and I have to admit that we are struggling when it comes to working in the kitchen. Like hardly got any work done this week because the weather has been so beautiful struggling. Doesn't really sound like it since we've been outside accomplishing projects like yard work and cutting down super large pine trees in the front yard but the kitchen has been suffering slightly. 

All is good though. We are actually doing really great with our time line so a light week of work isn't really putting us back on the overall project. 

I should clarify a little, it was a light week of work in the kitchen for Mark. I on the other hand spent the better part of two days priming and painting the plank walls. The above photo was taken just after I finished priming the corner of the room. 

These photos are so bad but you can already see how the paint is transforming those wood planks to pretty planks. The white paint and caulk really changes the whole look of the planks and I cant wait to show you that in the reveal. I honestly dont know how it took me so long to do a plank wall because seriously I overly love it. overly. ha!

The other project that we can almost check off our list is the bench. 

Here it is before we painted it. The nail holes were filled and I was ready to give it a good sand down. It doesn't really look like a bench above because the amazing thing about this bench is that it's collapsible!

Here is how it looks when it's up.

I'm still looking for some legs that we can attach to the bottom side. I just propped up the bench in the above photos to give you an idea of what it will look like. Here are a few of my inspiration photos when it comes to bench legs. Totally different options but I really love both benches so we'll see what I can come up with. 

What is your vote? 
Hair Pin Legs vs. Clear Legs
Give me your opinions!!
Here is a reminder of our table and our clear chairs for reference.

You can also see why having a collapsible bench will be great in this small dining room of ours. We usually have the table pushed right up to the window so with the new bench it will allow us to continue to keep our table pushed against the windows but when we need the extra seating for guests we can pull out the table and set up the bench. #perfect. 

I started priming the bench and hopefully by the end of the weekend it will be all painted. 

I made a couple cute pillow covers and because I cant help myself, when I propped up the bench, I had to add the pillows to envision it all pretty with some fun fabrics. 

I'm super excited to be able to have this bench option for extra seating! I will be sure to share all about how we Mark built the bench and once we get the legs I'll be sure to let you in on how he rigs those so they will flip up allowing the bench to move up and down the way we need it to. 

It was probably nice that Mark took a week off in the kitchen because this coming week he has LOTS to do including finishing up the plank wall and starting the tile backsplash! eeeek!! 

If you are just joining us for the first time you can check out how our #oneweekchallenge started here in 

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Until next week, Be Blessed. 


  1. Looks great! so what kind of wood is it!?

  2. I like the clear legs, really brings it together with your clear chairs.

  3. I like the clear legs as well! Keeps it fun and consistent with your dining area :)

  4. The plank wall looks great! And that bench will be so nice for extra seating without taking up too much room.

  5. Clear legs = glam. Hairpin = casual. I think I like the casual ones. Amazing plank walls.

  6. Hey, this is looking great! What a smart idea to make the bench collapsible to save space. I vote hairpin legs but I'm sure it will look great no matter what you choose.

  7. I think the hairpin legs would look great! That's a lot of construction you're doing! Way to go!