Tuesday, September 23, 2014

{ Living Room Update }

I realized that it's been a while since I showed you the living room. I still owe you an update on the laundry room but that will have to wait for now. 

Last time I wrote about the living room was right after I painted.  Here's a quick photo reminder of how it looked back in May.

I love the color on the walls. It took me a while to feel that way but now I am so glad I went with this color - Benjamin Moore-Sea Haze. It's a really cozy color. Sometimes it feels more green to me but everyone who comes in says it looks gray to them with a little blue tint. Funny how different people see different colors but I've always had positive comments on the walls in there. 

That hole above the fireplace mantel was that way until only a couple weeks ago. When we first bought the house it had cheap wood paneling put up to cover up the hole, here's a reminder of that below

My dad came a couple weeks ago and put up drywall to cover up that big hole. What a difference!

We are still working on the fireplace re-model. The vents got a coat of white paint, the old cement mantel got removed and some wood has been put up. Mark still needs to build a mantel, the whole thing will get painted, the black tile will get removed and replacements will go in, and the brick will be white washed. There's still a lot to do but I am really loving the hole being covered!

It was hard to decorate a mantel that only has about a 4 inch ledge right now but I wanted to get some fall things out. I plan on doing a lot more once the mantel is in place, which is exciting for me because I've never had a mantel to be able to decorate before!

Covering up that hole wasn't too difficult to do, (like I did the work haha!) I mean it didn't seem too difficult to do, so I don't know why it wasn't done that way before but I am SO glad we did that. I originally was thinking I would do some sort of plank wall on that end but the curved corners and curves up to the ceiling made that plan difficult. 

I was going to paint the bookshelf and TV table with chalk paint and still have yet to do that. I haven't gotten anything up on the walls at all, I need to get rid of the chaise chair and get an accent chair, and I am still searching for the right rug to put in here but for now, it is cozy enough for me. 

I recently picked up a few new pillows and those curtains (which need hemming) but overall I am really happy with how this room has turned out!

My to do list for over the winter for this room includes...painting the bookshelf and TV stand, getting some art work up behind the couch, doing a gallery wall behind the TV, and hemming those curtains. The thing that I want most done is to paint those pieces of furniture so hopefully VERY soon that will get done. For some reason I seem to never get done what I've put on my list of things to do. Maybe it's the kids, or that I work part time, or life in general, throw a little lazy in there and that's enough reasons for me. But it will get done and in the mean time we are enjoying our home!

I did do a small little painting project over the weekend. I took this old stool that used to be my great Aunt Caroline's from her home in California and updated it a bit.

It was a quick update and so easy. I love the change!

All I did was painted the legs with a mix of chalk paint and acrylic paint and stapled new fabric right over the old. 

There is a small space for storage inside which Jenna uses for her little things!

So there's the quick update to my living room! What do you guys think?! Still not sure what to do behind the couch so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them, I love getting feedback from you guys!

Until next time!
Be Blessed 


  1. Love the curtains and all the splashes of color Kas!

  2. I LOVE all little splashes of color, too!!! I think it looks so cute and cozy...hopefully that is what you are going for! LOVE it!

  3. Cute cute!! Love the little stool redo! So adorable!