Wednesday, September 10, 2014

{ Craft Show }

Guys, I got nothing for you in regards to the house updates. I wanted to show you an update on the basement but nope, it's just not ready yet and I was really hoping to reveal the fireplace makeover but I cant do that yet either. boo. I kinda feel like we've been so crazy busy lately but with nothing to show for it. This is life, am I right?! 

I've been working on some fun stuff these last couple weeks, during nap time and after kids go to bed (since that's really the only time a mom has to do anything productive!). I' made up these cute little finger puppets and headbands to sell at the local craft show this weekend! I really enjoy crafting. Like really enjoy it. I wish I had more talent, and more time, and money for that matter.

 I decided to do this when my talented friend Rachael told me that she was going to have a table at the craft fair for the adorable little things she makes and I thought - oh! let me do it with you!. I had no idea what I was going to make to sell. I decided to craft up some finger puppets since my kids love to play with the ones we've made at home before. Then last week I decided to make up some headbands. You know those headbands that you see every cool person wearing now...yeah, I make those! 

I'll show you a few examples of what I made and what my friend Rachael made so you can get all excited and rush down to the craft fair (if you live anywhere near the Kent City area) on Saturday from 9am-2pm and clear our table out! Shamelessly plugging!

So here are the finger puppets...cute, no?!

I swear, your kid and every kid you know needs one, so come scoop em' up!

and those super cute headbands that everyone with style (I kid, I kid - they are for EVERYONE) is wearing

These are available in adult and kid sizes and come in pretty much every color and are double sided! I will take special orders so if you have a certain color combination that you want, let me know. I haven't even technically started selling these yet and have already taken multiple special orders! Who knew headbands were so exciting! 

As I said before, my friend Rachael is extremely talented and she has lots of stuff that she's bringing to the craft show that you HAVE to check out! She painted some beautiful canvases. I don't have any photos of those yet but I will show you her other things

She handmade these adorably stuffed spunky monsters 

She also handmade these super fun sock puppets. I will probably be buying her out of these for my kids so you might have to fight me for them!

Lastly, if you are still in the baby stages with the binky as your sole life saver at this point you are going to want to pick up one of her paci clips because you cannot chance loosing those precious things- yes, I am speaking from experience! They work with ANY brand of pacifier - even those hospital ones! 

Like I said, come see us at our booth this Saturday at the park in Kent City from 9am-2pm. Keep in mind....I really don't want to say this because it depresses me...but, gift buying season is coming upon us because there are ONLY 105 days until Christmas. I know...that's like swearing but it's true and if you can start your shopping or for you over achievers that have already started this weekend by picking up a few of these cute things that would be perfect PLUS I would love to see you all there! 

Next week...check back for a house update because I really do have a lot to show you but they are all in the finishing stages so I'm looking forward to showing all these projects off!


  1. um yeah...I need to start Christmas shopping before I forget. Do you have/know prices for the sock puppets, finger puppets and monsters?

  2. Sock puppets $8
    Finger puppets $.50ea
    Monsters $10

    Custom orders are accepted too! You can email/text if you want to purchase:)