Friday, September 12, 2014

{ "365 in 365" }

Hey! So I have a friend that shared something the other day that I thought was REALLY cool and it was cool enough that I HAD to share with you guys. There's this guy, Justin Stover, who is a pretty great singer/songwriter who has decided to write and sing "365 songs for 365 people" and put out a new song everyday in 2015 (hence the 365).
The really cool part is - he is writing YOUR STORY! Your memory or moment that you share with him will be recorded  in a one minute song. Imagine your funniest moment, or the moment you fell in love, or saw your baby for the first time, or whatever it is that you want written will be recorded into a song. This could be the coolest (and most unique) birthday or anniversary gift to someone or just something fun to have for yourself!
Stover Songwriting
Justin is using KickStart to boost his music career and to raise funds to pay for his recording equipment. So for a mere $5 you can have your song written and then in 2015 it will be released! I totally jumped on it. I am really excited to hear what he comes up with for me in a one minute song!
You can see the project at  
Click on that link above to get your spot because they are filling up and you don't want to miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of his 365 in 365 project! 
So how do you narrow down to one story or one memory to have written?! It took me a minute to think about what I wanted to submit to him but what I want to know...even if you don't sign up for the 365 in 365 is, what would your one minute song be about? Share in the comments if you would like, I would love to hear your story... is it funny, sweet, romantic...
...and just maybe you'll come up with something that you cant resist having Justin write and sing about too!


  1. My song will be about this crazy journey of ours renovating an old home with three kids in tow! I look forward to sharing when I get it!

  2. Glad you shared this! And can't wait to hear your song!