Monday, September 9, 2013

{ Getting Started }

Why "The Raw House Project" you say?...We bought a house, it's our new project and our last name is Rawson, so we created this blog to show the progress of the house 
...I guess thats all we could creatively come up with Ha! our family! This is who I will be referring to so its always better to put a face with a name. My hubby, Mark, and two kiddos, Trevor and Jenna are here in this picture with me. Disregard the fact that Jenna isn't looking at the camera. This was the best one that I could find.

We just added a new little guy to our family in August. Meet Chase! We will get a family photo of all of us together soon, just hasn't happened yet.
So, back to our house situation. We (meaning mostly Mark) built our first home back in 2005. 
We loved this house but the layout and location of the house were less than ideal. We put it up for sale this year and with in 9 days it was sold. Yup, you read that right, 9 DAYS!! 

We were so excited but then realized we hadn't even looked at homes to buy yet. We looked at a million. Not really but seemed like it. We knew we wanted a fixer-upper. It's been something that we wanted to tackle for a while now but we weren't finding anything that we loved. 

Then we made a decision. We would buy this one.
Pretty huh? nope. BUT we have plans to make it pretty! 

This house also sits on 20 acres, so our plan is to fix this beauty up, live in it for a while, sell or rent it and build again somewhere on our 20 acres. Sounds like a good plan...we shall see how this all pans out. 

We are currently living at my parents house. God bless them. We truly are grateful to be staying with them. I literally cannot complain. My mom and dad are amazing and it has been great. However, if you have ever lived with anyone else, you know how it can be difficult at times. Mostly, I just miss my stuff. My couch. My bed. My routine. My stuff. Needless to say it will be a happy day when we officially move to our new home.

So this is the beginning of our journey. A home make-over journey. Lots needs to be done before we can move in. It's in pretty rough condition. I am super excited, and have lots and lots of ideas for this little house. Wish us luck because with three kids, a dog, a busy hubby, and our day jobs this is going to be interesting! 


  1. We will look forward to the progress reports!

  2. Nice to see this blog, makes me want to get back into updating mine, I've slacked off for a quite awhile. Looks like your house will be a challenge but potential is always there.