Thursday, September 26, 2013

{ Assets }

Before I give you the whole run down of what I want to do with this house. I feel like I should share with you why I said yes to this house over all the other houses that we looked at. Lets get real here, I am sure after seeing those pictures from the official house tour, you are probably thinking, why?  Did you think we are crazy?!
I admit. The pictures are overwhelming. Mostly due to the fact that it's hard to look past all the previous owners stuff. I probably should have waited to give you the picture tour until the rooms are cleared out but the truth's taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r to get that house cleaned out! It's not something we are doing so waiting on others is the name of the game right now. I really wanted to start this journey of blogging and since we are already working on the house I thought I should get on it.
Back to why I said yes. Let's list the assets this house has.

1) 20 acres
        I wasn't all that concerned about the amount of acreage that we would purchase. That was ALL Mark. I could live in a small town with houses right next to me and sidewalks for the rest of my life BUT the hubby thinks he needs to have land. He has big dreams for this land.

2) The location
          My biggest complaint about our last house was that it was 45 minutes to and from work. I hate being in the car. I despise wasting time driving. I would rather spend that extra 20 minutes in the morning before work in bed and not in the car. It will now only take me about 25 minutes or less to get to work! Also, it's smack dab in the middle of three nearby towns and travel time to each one is around 5 minutes.

3) It has a barn
           Not a big red barn (which I would love) but it is a barn with lots of space for all of Mark's junk stuff. Currently there isn't an attached garage which is on our to do list but having the barn will free up the garage for garage type things, not Mark's collection-o-junk, I mean stuff. If you know Mark at all you know what I am talking about. The barn has horse stalls in it, which is also a bonus. Not because we are planning on getting horses, but we will be getting other animals for sure!

4) The hard wood floors
           The whole original house (everything but the kitchen), has hardwood flooring and it is in pretty good shape! Bring on the cute rugs!!

5) The character of the ceiling in the living room
                 It's hard to explain, so here is a picture of the corner that leads into one of the bedrooms. All the corners in the living room have that shape at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling. So cool!

6) The fireplaces
            Not just one, but two fireplaces! I've never had a fireplace or a mantle to decorate. And I am very excited to have two now! Neither one of them are anything to look at now but we've got plans for them.

7) It's small
         Being small is a pro and a con but I mostly like that it is small so theres less to clean. Ha! This also means that we will have to have less "stuff" so that the house doesn't seem so cluttered.                     I.hate.clutter.and.chaos! It will be an adjustment to live in such a small house, but I think overall it will be just fine for our family of 5. The only major issue will be only having one VERY tiny bathroom. We do have plans however to add another one down the road so there is something to look forward to!

For now...those are my reasons for saying yes to this house. It has some cool character. The land is beautiful. The location couldn't be better in my opinion. The price tag wasn't too bad either so I think all in all we are grateful for being able to purchase this house.

Next post on deck is our big to do list AKA wish list! 

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  1. It may look like a royal mess now but I'm sure once you and Mark get working on it that will all change. Follow your dreams!!!