Thursday, February 19, 2015

{ New Basement Steps }

Mark replaced the stair treads to the basement a few weeks ago. So.Much.Better!

He made the last five steps longer too and I love it. I forgot to snap a pic right before he changed out the stair treads but here are a few pics that I had in my files and will give you a good reminder of what the stairs looked like before. 
Here is one from right when we moved in...

and this one from a month ago...

You can see that the stairs were narrow but what you cant see is how random the sizes were, some were wider and some were shorter. Some were wobbly and they were really squeaky. 

and now...

all the right size, no more squeak!

And you can see the bottom yellow walls got painted the same color as the hall entryway. Finally and thank goodness because it looks a thousand times better with that yellow g.o.n.e!  

Mark is going to add a handrail and wall to the left side and then we will carpet these stairs. I wasn't planning on carpeting them but Mark insists that with kids in the house and going up and down daily he wants the stairs carpeted for safety reasons which is fine with me. We wont do carpet in the basement because of the potential of water but the stairs will be so much nicer having carpet on them. We haven't settled on a carpet yet and I am still weighing the option of staining the treads and then doing a runner down the center. I dripped some paint on the steps while painting the walls so if we go that route I'll have to do some sanding. For now we are fully enjoying these new stairs, it seems SO much safer now walking down the steps! 

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