Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{ Chalk Boards + Barn Wood Table }

I decided to paint the inside of our pantry door with chalk paint. I did that when we were painting the cabinets at the beginning of this year and then it sat.
 Until the other day when I decided it was time to do something with it after being inspired after a mindless pinterest binge.
So here's the outside of the pantry. It sits next to right of the fridge and is completely unorganized on the inside. Everything just keeps getting pushed to the back to stuff the new goods in. I really need to start organizing but come on now... who wants to take time to organize when you have time to make chalk art ha!
Don't judge my pantry.
I read somewhere that when you are doing chalk board art that you need to "prime" the chalk board first before you start, which is just taking one of the big pieces of chalk-turning it on its side and rubbing it down the board. I have no idea where I read that, but I did it to mine. Oh and FYI - it gets messy (see below), so make sure you have a vacuum or swiffer or wet cloth by you to clean up the residue.
I'm really not that creative so I pretty much copied someone else's chalk board that I saw off pinterest.

Nothing super fancy and my handwriting is not the greatest but it sure does make opening up the pantry door a little more exciting these days. It's the little things right?!
and then because I was on a chalkboard roll, I did something cute on our little chalk board by the back entry.

and that pretty much sums up my creative juices when it comes to home projects these last couple of days. I know lame.
BUT someone else was pretty creative here at the Rawson household and if you follow on IG you saw the barn wood table my hubby started working on last week and now it's finished and in our house (just for display).

It is so pretty!! If barn wood was my style...which it is not, I would keep it. I love barn wood stuff and I love it in other people's homes, just not in mine. This table though is gorgeous, rough cut, and sturdy.


We had barn wood in our barn (imagine that) that was left behind from when we purchase the house. Apparently we didn't have enough to do with other projects so he just decided one day last week to do a little project with that old wood and came up with the table design. The base is chunky and the table is obviously from real barn wood and not the faux stuff.

He put a few coats of polyurethane on it and it's ready to go. Like literally, ready to go- it's for sale! If you want more info, you can contact us via email.
We have more wood left over too so I'm sure he will be coming up with more projects in the future since this one turned out so cool.
That's what we've been up to, oh and we started spraying our basement ceiling white so deets on that soon too!
Thanks for reading and have a great week guys!

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  1. Love the table!! But I bet that thing is heavy!! :-):-) You have a very talented husband!!